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    People becomes follower due to trend

    Trend means developing or changing in the general direction. Most of the people in our society are seen following someone in many activities. As it is very easy to follow any path which was created by others. Following a trend is considered a pack mentality thing. We would all just follow the crowd right over the cliff. If you think positively, trends are an opportunity to do something new not just from an individual standpoint but on a microlevel.
    Generally, a person who doesn't have their own thinking so conform to trend. I have seen many people following trends in different walks of life such as fashion, education, religion, lifestyle, health etc. Initially, they start to follow any trend and finally adapt to it as for example- many people are living as converted Christian in our locality. At starting, some lower caste people started to go to church and offering prayers. By seeing this, a large community of this caste changed their religion and finally became Christian. So, we can say that to change a religion became a trend due to which people became a follower of this religion.

    This is my entry for TOW contest
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    When a small idea has the niche and acceptance and if that is presented in the most understandable manner it may become a new trend and that would have the huge following
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    The nice thread has been posted by the author. People become followers after following any trend, but as the author said, it is very easy to follow the path made by the people. The trend is related to every field connected with life and that is why we cannot adopt every trend. Sometimes some people make the mistake of adopting the trend to understand that it is only with time that this thinking is completely wrong, which sometimes removes us from reality. Whatever trends you want in your life but do not lose your real identity.

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    Every new trend when is advertised on large scale, consequently, spreads far and wide and people come closer to it and many people start following a particular trend. Seeing them, other people who are in touch with them start following the same trend but how long a trend can stay popular nothing can be said. When another new trend is introduced to people they discard the old one and embrace a new one.

    The author has given the example of conversion of people into Christianity when some people of backward section embraced this religion, seeing this other person also converted to Christianity. Merely, seeing some people, according to the author, other people changed their religion appears to be illogical. Nobody can change religion until he likes a particular religion or he has some genuine reasons best known to him. However, it is often observed that religious groups which are assigned for proselytising in backward areas, among such people who are completely marginalised and outcasted attract these people. It may be possible that the whole of the area changes into another religion. Some people blame these groups that they offer money, clothes, job, education for their children etc. I don't know what are realities on the ground.

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    Old trends are vanishing and in lieu of it, new trends are being seen where the entire community in a village is merged in one religion. We have seen the same in the tribal areas where the people of backward classes were lured by the influential people to join Christianity. The process is carried out without any hindrance and each of such member gets some offers such as free education, jobs in the mission and free clothes. They are ready to give up their religions due to their abject poverty. In fact, the rationality in the thinking process starts only when people are financially comfortable in the present positions and in that situation they cannot be tempted to change their trend. They can go for it with their own choice.

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    When a trend is there if we also go after that trend we will also become trend followers only. But not the trend creates. Everyone can't be creators. There is nothing wrong if we are followers also. But we should follow the trends which are good and not spoil our culture. This is very important.
    When you have no money and food, if somebody is offering you money definitely you will be tempted to go to them and accept their conditions. That will make your life smooth. It all depends on the financial situation of the individual. All issues start from poverty only. How to eradicate this poverty is a big question before all of us.

    always confident

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