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    What is your tendency towards the trends?

    These days trends change very fast. Today's fashion is obsolete tomorrow. By the time we get ready to follow the trend, a new trend will replace the earlier one. In the olden days, we used to know about new trends through movies and later on through TVs. But these days due to the evolution of the internet and various social media platforms the new trends are reaching every nook and corner of the world within no time.

    We see different types of people. Some people will be trendsetters. Some will follow the trend. Some will be immune to the trend.

    For example, a designer will create a new dress for a hero in the movie. We see the movie and we feel that dress is very good. Some will get a dress of that design stitched and follow that fashion immediately. They will advertise the new fashion. They are the trendsetters. Generally, college-going students and rich people will come into this category. They never bother about the money.

    Many middle-class persons will be interested in that new fashion but for them to get a dress will take some time. So they will become trend followers.

    There will be another class of people who never worry about these fashions and trends. They go on their usual way and never bother about the latest trends and fashions. They don't have any inclination towards setting a trend or following a trend.

    I am immune to the latest trends. I go on my own way. What is your tendency towards the trends?

    This is my entry for
    Topic based TOW contest for the last week of March '21- topic-'Trend'.
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    Actually we are being wooed and chased by different trends that greet us every day and some times we have the tendency to follow them if it suits us. The daily fashion is the main reason for the ladies to follow and they get easily carried away by the new designs and making additions to the existing one. Trends are going to happen on daily basis but we should be careful enough to choose the trends which is important to us and helpful or useful to us, otherwise it is a foolish act to follow the trends which would escalate our spending thrift. This is what happening with many people.
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    Modern and fashion minded people are generally interested in emerging trends in fashion areas and they also spend a significant amount on adopting that get up depending of course on their financial conditions. For rich and affluent this is a fun activity giving them good entertainment and engagement in their lives. Younger people are generally attracted to fashionable things especially when they are connected to the celebrities or famous people. Many people observe these things in media or advertisements in TV and internet etc and are influenced much to mimic those things.
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    The similarity of words in the title mad me to look back again at my own thread What is the difference between trend and tendency.
    But I found the content different and one that inputs a new point regarding trend. It says that there is "another class of people who never worry about these fashions and trends". The author proudly admits that he is one in that set of people who are 'immune to trends'. Thus he has given credence and acceptability to this class of people who are still there-either due to choice or compulsions.

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    A well written post that provokes certain thoughts. Our tendencies as well as trends keep on changing with time. Trends have been a defining features of our choices in daily life even if one must deny it. There are trends that unknowingly effects us and our lives. Personally I'm someone who would look carefully through the trend. If I find a trend that can be of good use to me and my choices then why not follow it? However I also prefer to add personalized touch to these trends to make it more like me. I follow trends whenever they suit my choices and likings and for the rest of time I make my own trends and choices.
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