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    Environmental impacts on recycling and reuse of plastic materials.

    We are polluting our environment at every moment but not sufficiently trying to solve the issues. One measure taken by the govt. not to use plastic bags but in everywhere it is going on use resulting pollution of soil, air, water etc. Recycling and reuse system also introduced but due to inadequate management the system also is in que. Many are in a opinion that during process of recycling plastic, carbon and others harmful gases are generated which is very harmful for plant and animals. But the recycling generated less pollution in compare to generated pollution for making the materials itself.
    So it is very much essential to recycling and reuses of the plastic materials for the environment. What do you think about it, please share.
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    It is the real problem this world is facing these days. Pollution is on peak. But citizens are not understanding the seriousness of the problem. Greenhouse gases are increasing the pollution levels and we should find a remedy for this. Using plastic carry bags , plastic use and throw bottles are to be reduced. People should develop the habit of carrying a cloth bag with them so that they can bring the items in that bag instead of using a plastic carry bag. Metal bottles are to be used to carry water instead of the plastic bottles. Water can be filled in these bottles by the vendor and charge for water only. These actions are very much required.
    Reprocessing is also not advisable as when the processing is going many carbon gases will generate and they should be scrubbed properly or treated properly before leaving them into the atmosphere. But many people never follow this and that will cause pollution. The only solution is to minimise the use of plastic to the maximum extent possible.

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    There are many garbage recycling plants now installed by Govt at many places through the Municipal Boards but I do not know whether they recycle plastic also in that. Some private players definitely recycle plastic to make cheap products out of that and they might be taking some permission from the Govt in that regard. The basic problem is the used plastic items by us which are very large in quantity and there is no way to dispose off all of them.
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    When the use of plastic bags, pouches and other plastic items have been banned then why these plastic items are available in the market. We often hear that plastic bags will not be used by the shopkeepers. Some months ago we saw a police force going from shop to shop and warning the shopkeepers to not use plastic bags. I noticed some of the shopkeepers stopped using plastic bags but after two or three days, they started using these plastic bags again and the police force is still there and factories are producing new plastic bags and supplying them to markets as usual.
    We can analyse that manufacturing plastic items is harmful and recycling plastic items is not so much harmful to the environment, humans, plants and animals. But the bottom line is the production of plastic items or recycling them are harmful to human life as well as animals. I don't understand when plastic bags have been banned then why they are still in use.

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    Plastic is still being seen around us though there was a notification regarding the banning of this product because of its detrimental effects on the pollution and the same could take the lives of the animals due to the consumption. The other hazard with this product was choking of the drain. Though it's ill effects are known to social workers, scientists and our leaders but our steps in this direction is lack lustrous producing practically no positive results. For a few days, steps are taken and then administration becomes relaxed till a further notification comes from higher authorities to take stern steps. This hide and seek method is going for years exposing the weakness of the administration to curb this bad practice.

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