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This thread is the winner of a special prize in the topic-based TOW contest for March '21.
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    When will the Trend of dividing Us in the name of religion stop?

    When we talk about trend, it keeps on changing and is developed for our progress. If we look behind, we may notice that many things have changed, and that too for good. With proper study, collection of data through surveys and experiments, we can say that trends are important for progress that help us develop or change. Usually, we can observe that there is a time frame for every trend be it fashion, housing (interior, exteriors, and furniture, etc), gadgets, electronics, movies (crime, romance, and thriller, etc), etc. Now coming to the main point. We have noted that religion becomes the main subject for politicians through which they trend. Be it before freedom where the Britishers ruled India, after freedom when we had good leaders, and even to this present era. Every time, we are divided in the name of religion.

    In Hinduism, the most quoted verse from the Rig Veda (1.164.46): "Ekam Sat, viprah bahudha vadanti," which means meaning "Truth is One, sages describe it variously." And also the ancient Sanskrit verse encapsulates that, "As the different watercourse have their sources in different places, all unite in the sea, in the same way, though we take different paths, approach, viewpoints, groups, that all lead to you, O Lord. As per Christianity and verses 1:26-27 from the book of James, "If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person's religion is worthless. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world." As per the Religious Freedom in Islam which is quoted in Quran, verses18:29, "And say, "The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills - let him believe, and whoever wills - let him disbelieve." Here we can pore over that every religion has given the freedom to other religions and asked their followers to treat everyone equally.

    Whenever we have an election, we come across posts, speeches, or talks from politicians (it common in all parties) which feed hatred among us in the name of religion. One will say they have problems with speakers, another will say that one community is growing and thus others are in danger, while others will simply divide us in the name of caste or sect. When and why the religion do only comes into the picture when there is an election? Why is it that we find difficulty in understanding our neighbor than the politicians who don't even know our locality? Why do we listen and differentiate others on hearing their hate speeches? Many of us are educated and understand what is going on around us but yet believe these politicians blindly. Is this not the time to understand the real game played by these politicians or leaders for our vote and choose leaders who do some work for us than making us, enemies? When every trend has a time frame of 1-10 years, etc, why is that we don't change the poor religious separation game of politician and move forward? What do our members have to say about the loose trend of the politician who divides us in the name of religion?

    [This is my entry for the Topic based TOW contest for the last week of March '21- topic-TREND]
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    An excellent presentation from the author. He explained very nicely what all religions teach is the same. The way may be different. But the destination is the same in all religions. When we recognise this fact we never bother about religion. These days people are not that much worried about religion and they all go together. But the problem comes with the politicians only. They try to divide people and get votes. This trend was there and even today it is continuing and will continue in future also. Religion and caste are playing an important role in our elections. Many politicians try to provoke the emotions of the people using caste and religion.
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    The author has hit a sixer with this presentation connecting to the tow topic as the people are fed up with the leaders and the parties dividing us on the religion plank. People of all faith live together and love together. But the leaders create a hate speech which is not good. Only Yesterday senior Congress leader while speaking at the election rally in TN has said that under the name of Sanathan Dharm the UP govt is changing all the religious faiths. This is wrong as in India in every state the people are free to follow and abide their own faith and there is no question of snatching their faith on their own religion.
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    People belong to different religions and cultures and have different concepts towards the other humans who do not belong to their religion. This is a fundamental premises and many politicians know these things well and exploit the people in he name of religion. It works very well and the leader is able to collect good votes and completes his objective of getting a position in ruling Govt.
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    What the author has written can not be denied. We have different trends in our society, politics and business world and you can't run away from these trends because they exist around us. We see them, feel their effect on our social life immensely. Different trends have a different magnitude of their impact. Some trends cause positive impact and some trends entail negative impact. It is a part of our lives. What is in our hands? I think it is BIG nothing. Sometimes, It looks strange to me, I ask myself where we are going in future. Are we going to progress our country as a nation or Are we going to see regressing this great nation because of sharp division based on religious diversity? We should be more considerate now and should fulfil our duty to spread love and brotherhood because the fact is that the human mind likes peace than the disorder. But the way is difficult because destruction is always easier than construction.
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    It will go on unless we change our attitude towards religion. As long as we remain sentimental it will be misused. Politicians are no different from the common men, the only difference is they know how to make a non-issue an issue to stay relevant. The country was divided on the basis of religion, there were pains and losses during the time of partition but the differences remained in the minds of people. Those who are not bothered with various religious practises throughout the world do not care what politicians say and vote according to the manifestos. Unfortunately, in our country, people vote for their 'favourite' political party and select the leaders based on their caste/religion. Politicians know that it is easier to divide people if they can make them sentimental and uttering speeches on religious lines is the best way for them. In many families, even in the city, I have found religious biases. Only if we change our mindset things will change otherwise, it is futile to blame only the politicians.

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    A forceful thread highlighting a very valid point .It gives us food and fodder for further pondering.
    It can kindle ideas for more threads and discussions.

    The thread ends by shooting a sharp arrow of relevant questions, which may really hurt us. externally the same way many of us are feeling from inside.

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