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This thread has won a special prize in the topic-based TOW contest for March '21.
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    Life leading to death is an immortal trend

    Everyone cannot be a trendsetter, but God is the ultimate one. He controls the universe, and only upon His mercy every living being takes each breath. It's the reality, and He knows what is good and bad for the planet, while some people hardly use their mind before initiating any step.

    At present, most women are not just housewives. They are career-oriented and self-reliant, while long ago, ladies were very dependent. Even the mindset of men is changing by leaps and bounds. At present, a good section of males is cooperative, encouraging and respectful towards the fairer sex. In the fashion world, the trend is sometimes tasteful and sometimes very unpleasing. Even the music industry constantly goes through different changes, and it's the same with construction, medical, food habits, travel and tourism and others. Thus, the words like modern and outdated trend have come into existence.

    The only permanent trend is: if life is born, then it would die at some point. It's painful for living beings, but the particular trend from birth to death functions as a saviour for Mother Nature. If there is no death, then sufferings will be higher because of ageing, which would become unbearable, and living space will constantly shrink to nothing. Thus, the Creator leads every life to death- a set trend that has no alternate.

    My entry for the TOW Contest 'Trend'
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    The author has depicted the God's or nature's trend in a subtle way. We are born in this world and after some years attaining our age depart from the world never to return back. No one knows the mystery of this life and just follow the divine orders. It is definitely a fixed trend and we have no control on it in any way except to perform our duties and finish the responsibilities.
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    Wow the author has stolen the tow topic with this great competition entry and surely going to win. The content so connect to our thought process and it is the fact that our life to the death is the total drama to which we are unable to understand as to why we are born and why are going to die. One thing is sure the period between the life and death is always enchanting, challenging , enjoyable and even with sad and anger. Nevertheless we are used to all kinds of attitude during this period and we try to life against the all odds and that is the take of this great life and we are living within.
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    The thread contains a lot of things. A lot of separately standing thoughts.
    Though at last there is an attempt to connect the keyword, I am of the view that some review and pruning would have served better.
    I generally dislike mention and discussion of death, especially in a forum where there are many vibrant youths. Let us have more positivity in thinking and working.

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    It is sure every born person will die. This can't be changed and it will be there forever. But I don't know whether we should call it a trend. Different people will have different life spans and different lifestyles. A good submission from the author.
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    Trends are always man-made kind of practices or fashion or activities created to be followed whereas God has certain rules which are necessarily be followed by the whole of the creation and there are a bunch of guidelines for human beings. These guidelines are not trends in my opinion because trends are introduced by people before other people and these trends have some qualities which attract people. Some people like these trends but some people may reject them too, moreover, how long these trends remain in vogue is absolutely unpredictable. Nothing can be said about them and nobody decides how long they will stay as popular.
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