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    Why many of us correcting others rather than adjusting

    I went to a government hospital for having covid vaccination. They arranged well for accommodating people with seats separately for before registration, after registration,before and after vaccination.
    A person who came with his wife for vaccination comments on the arrangements as it would have done in this way and in that way. They could have some more fans as the summer starts hectic.
    In which way they got affected in such arrangements?
    They are going to stay there for maximum two hours.
    This makes me to think our Guruji's words, we are correcting others without minding our staying in the universe is uncertain.
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    Nice heading from the author and it is the fact that instead of finding fault within we try to pull others. At the Malkajgiri Gov hospital vaccination center there are senior citizens and they made to wait for three hours as the vaccine got exhausted and that was easy case for those who wanted to say their choices abuse on the arrangements and the doctors were simply listening Only after police came and pacified the people would not stop abusing. Then the police told the gathering that every day they receive the fresh dose of vaccine from Pune and today the flight was delayed. So what I mean to say here that people are ready to criticize even for the small delay but they never thanked the govt doctor or the govt for giving the vaccine for free which was otherwise costing 250 per person in private hospitals.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Finding fault with others is easy. How many hardships these hospital administration is taking to see that people will get vaccinated without many hardships. Why can't we realise that and appreciate them instead of finding fault in the arrangements made by them.
    We are not going there to help somebody. We are going there to get some help from them. If we remember this fact we will never think negatively about the arrangements made there. If we are going somewhere it is always better to get our work done and come back.

    always confident

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    This is our common habit to find faults in others or in the system or working ability of people or rules and regulations which we resist accepting. We don't give the benefit of the doubt, nor we show laxity about others, this is wrong. Some people who are more vocal to criticise they are in such a situation themselves do not like to be criticised. This is the double standard of some people. We should learn to have patience with others too.
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    The author has rightly said that some people always want to keep themselves in a comfortable position by counting mistakes and commenting on others because they do not want to bring themselves into adjusting positions. If such people learn to adjust even a little, then perhaps the arrangements will start getting better automatically. Often we can find many such places at government sites where we show our frustration out on the government system by commenting on it, but this method is wrong. Being an adjusting person can be helpful for you too.
    Swati Sharma

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    Correcting and adjusting ourselves is difficult and people avoid doing that. The simplest thing is to criticise others and find faults with the arrangement done by others. Many people have this bad habit.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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