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    Why are we sequacious to western trends?

    There seems to be a huge gridlock of trends and these trends have sandwiched us in almost all walks of life. We are running after trends. Sometimes, we catch one trend and leave another then grasp one more and ignore another. The following trend means we are following someone. Why we follow trends with so much interest looks strange to me. Sometimes, many of us are blindfolded sequacious of trend and fashion. We don't stop for a moment to think whether or not it is conducive for us in our lives, only we have been dogging behind a trendsetter. Where is our choice? Perhaps, we have no choice, we follow what other people suggest us to follow. We take it as they dictate us.
    I have been an antagonist to western culture which, in my opinion, is the antithesis to Indian culture and traditions. All trends which come from the west are blended with their culture and lifestyle and we follow them as happy sequacious. I see that following western trends has become a status symbol. It does not mean that I am xenophobian, No, not at all. I respect their culture or the trends which they propagate to spread their supremacy but I don't want to choose it for myself. Do you ever think about how they keep their supremacy over us? I give you an example. They started Common Wealth Games, and you know why these games were started and which countries participate in this international event? Those countries which once were colonies of Great Britain take part in Common Wealth Games. This mentality is continued that once they were our subjects.

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    I agree with the author. Western culture is trending in our country. This is making Indian culture go down and the younger generations are completely not able to understand the value of our culture. Sanskrit is our language. But unfortunately, we are not able to understand the language. But we show more inclination towards learning foreign languages. Germans are learning Sanskrit. This is the fact and we Indians should understand these facts. Trends may come and go. We may follow or we may not follow. But it is our responsibility to see that our culture will not get destroyed because of western trends.
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    The author has made the right pitch of appeal through this tow connecting thread that it is really a dangerous trend to ape each and everything happening in the west as if we are not capable of creating a trend setter flow from our country. There is a mind block with some that when they visit the other countries and stay back there for few days. they get accustomed and interested to their culture, way of living and try to bring the same and impose in India when they return back. For example we have been habituated to use the water after attending to the toilet needs where as the western culture is to use the tissue paper which is unhygienic and not acceptable to Indian culture. There is no doubt that there are some good habits and trends that emanate from other countries but why should we follow them as if we are not having talent or lack of thinking power.
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    Most of us follow western things and also feel proud of it. Sometimes we are even infatuated with their style of living and even with their simple ways of housekeeping, gardening, etiquette, formal life, outing and fun activities and so on. We also had or have our own culture and own ways of doing that but we are mesmerised and influenced by their ways and adopted many of them. During the colonial period many Indians voluntarily converted to Christian religion as they were so impressed with that and interestingly it was not the religious part but mainly the style with which those people lived.

    If we go into the genesis of these interesting things then we will find that during the colonial period we were exposed to so many modern things that we did not see in our village environment and lacked even in our cities. We took food sitting in the kitchen on floor, they had a dining table and serving bowls and plates and spoons and forks. Another great attraction was their dresses. Apparently so charming and elegant looking! That seemed so much modern and impressive that we started to cut a sorry figure if they visited our house and so we did not try to expose our culture to them thinking that they might mock us. We could not show our confidence in our way of living thinking that it was a poor way of living and what they were doing was a 'class' in itself. So we fell in that trap and now I think we are in it up to our neck and I do not think that we can come out of that easily. Moreover, their culture has been adopted by all the people around the globe and has now become a cosmopolitan one and we cannot get rid of that.

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    We have had a decent culture and till now we are proud of it. However, our own younger generations are inclined towards the western culture. The main reason behind it is their infatuation of such culture with they were not exposed earlier. Russian, German, French are some of the languages attracting them where as our own ancient language Sanskrit is being neglected. It is although a different story that the foreigners are showing their inclination and attachment towards the same. Our own chants Hare Rama, Hare Krisna has been popular among the foreigners and even ISCON is following it. This is nothing but the change of the culture and it may remain for sometime before it disappears.

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    Western trends have always been special for the people of the world. Every new thing that is better than before, the world starts to consider it as a trend but whether it is better or not there are many parameters and the most important parameter of these is the person's own thinking. Where the world is connected to each other through the Internet today, in such a situation, different culture, different food, etc. all of them come from time to time. He himself knows better what to do or not, but it is important to be rational towards what he does.

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    It is a normal and natural reaction of people to the modern and fashionable things and western countries being advanced in science and technology were able to flaunt it to the third world public and it was not easy to control that temptation. So, in my view it was a natural inclination but we should also not detach from our culture just because some other people are rich and showcasing their fashionable trends to us.
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    Though in principle, I concur with the core message of the thread- that is, to shun the nwestern culture based trends, I can say it is not practical now. This is because it is so intermingled and mixed and diluted our culture that we do not feel it is a different one, because most of us have been brought up in the same trnds and we have seen that only from our birth.
    The write up has a good load of good vocabulary and will be helpful to many to add to their vocabulary .

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