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    Election campaigns should be on work done and promises and nothing else

    We are watching one of the worst campaign trial in the run up to the elections to five states and instead of pitching for the intense debate on what is done and what proposed to be done, the parties are indulging in personal character attacks and even raising the religious interventions thereby making the mockery of the democratic essence to which India known to the world. Hence forth EC must come up with banning candidates indulging in loose talks and encouraging counter attacks of words.
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    I agree with the author and appreciate him for raising this issue. The level of campaigning has been graded down for several years. We could never imagine indecent remarks from those people who were holding constitutional offices but now it has become common practice, and media is playing the worst role which is going down in history. I detach myself utterly from politics and media version as it is useless to take these things to heart. Just watch what is happening around us and be happy. I don't think many of us don't mind even abusive language. It is part of dirty politics.
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    Mudslinging on opponents has become the order of the day. No exemptions anywhere and all are following the same suit. What is that he or his party has done to the public and what is he or his party going to do the public in future should be focused on in the election campaign. But these days they always try to find fault with the other party. The ruling party says the opposition party has not allowed them to do good work. The opposition party says that the ruling party is having no interest in serving the people. Everybody wanted power. To get into that power they never hesitate to do whatever they want. This should be stopped and only EC can do something in this matter. No one else.
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    That has to be but what we are seeing is just the opposite. Hardly there is any talk about what has been done or will be done and politicians remain busy accusing each other. Surprisingly, a large section of the people in those meetings clap and cheer for the leaders for saying such things, at least, that is what we observe from various news channels. It seems politicians can stoop to any level to garner votes and they are just doing it. It is quite surprising that the EC has become a mute spectator. Before the polls, there are many transfers and warnings but there is not a single word from them when politicians openly abuse each other. Do we call this democracy or is it the brightest example of freedom of speech?

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    Politics is now coming up in this new form where everyone is trying to prove themselves better than others only by accusing others. These people are elevating themselves not by deeds but by proving others wrong. . In such a situation, neither they have any meaning for the development of the country nor the interest of the people. Their aim is only to improve their image in power and tarnish the image of others. During the election itself, by breaking all the rules and making false promises, it has become their nature.
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    This is a good thought by the author. Election commission must monitor the unnecessary narrations of the various parties talking irrelevant on those premises. They should tell what they will achieve for the society in general and not the doles given to the individuals. Their promises should be oriented to social development and anyone talking about giving something free should be debarred from the election process.
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