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    Would you like to participate till end in such a situation?

    There are many instances when we discuss a thing or an issue with others or in a group and people give varying views and sometimes the discussion goes out of control as too much variance is seen and sometimes we even lose the track of main issue and start blaming each other or some third party which is not present there. Generally there is no solution reached with such type of activities and the sad part is that due to excited talks and remarks sometimes relations between people turn sour. So, my point is that if we happen to be a part of such discussions and gatherings then what should we do? Should we stop well in advance smelling that the discussion is going in a wrong direction and quit it or stick to it till end whatever be the consequences. I feel that we should stop well ahead and control our urge of talking and presenting our views in that situation and either be a passive listener or quit it. What do you think?
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    It would be better to watch silently in the initial moment of discussion. We must concentrate how the audience is behaving towards responses. If there is the heated exchange or the audience is no mood to hear further, let us not spoil our moods and time in putting forth our ideas for discussion. If we exchange our knowledge, it must be go well before the audience and it needs the right plate form where the views are heard. Then only the exchange of ideas should follow. In that way, the participants would be encouraged to represent their views and absence of it is nothing but spoiling our own time.

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    I don't seek perfection type thing in people .If I go on discovery mission in our colleagues and fellow humans I shall have to dash my head into a stone wall. How to come up and interact with other similar imperfect people we should not play child game of blaming on other person for any reason. As far as discussion is concerned we should see who the person is we are discussing with and who the third person is we are talking about, what repercussion are expected to bounce back, all pros and cons should be taken care of. I dont think it is wise of us to expand our talks about third person because what we have said about him will change into something else when it reaches him and then we are offered a bag of complaints from him for clarification and we are to engage in this futile exercise.
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    The most important thing is what is the main purpose of our involvement in the discussion. If our aim is that we are going to learn a lot from the other people involved in the discussion, then we will complete the discussion peacefully, but if the objective of the person is that during a particular discussion, he will be able to show his views and opinion and If we want to prove ourselves to be true, then it is not possible to get knowledge from the discussion. According to my, it is sensible to join the discussions only by considering them as the center of different ideologies.
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    We all have been once there in a situation like this where we are asked for opinions but when we do showcase our opinions, it is term invalid and the conversation diverts. Honestly, to me, the group plays a important role. If the group who's asking for opinions are one of my close acquaintances then I would be less reluctant and more glad to share my opinion as I would like to believe that my thoughts will have a weight on them however when I'm being asked for opinion in a group whose members I'm not very well accustomed with then I would like to avoid the conversation and rather be just a listener. Moreover if at some point you feel the conversation is being diverted you can also try to put efforts and try to bring them to the real matter or as the author said just quit and avoid the conversation.
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    When a discussion is happening it is always better to talk one after another. If one person is speaking the other persons should be silent and hear the talk. Then only we understand what is going on there. One should hear to understand the views of the other person. They should not hear to find faults or they should not think how to differ. If the proposal of the other person is good we should accept that and implement the same. We should not have any ego.
    The discussions are not useful if you attend the same with a preconceived ideas and opinions. In such case these discussion will be onesided and no fruitful outcome will be there.

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    Discussions based on religious and political matters should be strictly avoided. They are pointless discussions and often leads to heated discussions at the end, so better to avoid it. Apart from these discussions, one should only take part if he/she is having proper and in-depth knowledge of the ongoing discussion topic. If their is lack of knowledge, then you may either loss your part or you may go to wrong path amid discussion. And, there are some people who are stubborn in nature, they won't listen you whether you are right or wrong, they just keep on repeating their statements in louder voice. That kind of discussion is also meaningless, because there is no sharing of knowledge.
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