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    The greed of money should be discarded

    Some people are throwing their money over the heads of the people and people are not ready to accept their offer? They have been offering me 25 lac rupees for doing nothing. They are sending messages again and again. And saying you have won 25 lac rupees. ?
    Are they really so generous? You also know reality of these offers. I don't know what and how these fraudulents get by offering these attractive offers. Thousands of such fraud websites are working on internet. They are cheating people and making them fool .Some of them whom I know have lost their money deposited in banks. These fraudulents ask account- details and withdraw all money.

    Why are people easily trapped by them ? It's because of greed of money.
    You can see several websites offering thousands of money per day- Earn ten thousand rupees per day in data entry job. They invite innocent people, get their work done for months and then block their account. People are fooled for greed of money.
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    The greed for money is the sole reason for such traps. One of my friend went to Dibrugarh in Assam for some work and while walking in the evening saw some people showing some games to the visitors and telling them to guess a playing card upside down and my friend also tried that and won Rs 10 in his first attempt. After sometimes he started to lose and finally lost Rs 40 which was a big thing at time. Suspecting some foul play he started to quarrel with the fellow but hearing that 3-4 people came and threatened my friend and he left the place. Now same thing is being done in internet in a sophisticated software controlled ways.
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    Many emails and messages we receive saying that we have won huge money. I received it every day. But I never opened and read what is there inside. Many warned me not to open it. I think if we open the website, our profile details will get into their website which is not good.
    Who will give the money free? Earning is very difficult. Unless otherwise, we work hard we can't make any money. If somebody says they will give some money we should not believe. One of my friends responded to one such message he received on his mobile and he was asked to pay some money so that they can arrange to send the prize money. But he has not sent that.

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    The cheats are everywhere and so they are there in the internet also. The modus operandi of the cheats and fraudulent persons in the world wide web is quite different than that of the cheats in the physical world but main aim is same that is to dupe the people of their money. It began mainly with the emails as gullible people were attracted to any offer made by unknown and unseen people behind the attractive email message. They generally asked the recipient to deposit some service charges after which the money would get transferred to their bank accounts. Everything is done in a very normal way and once we had paid the fee the chapter gets closed and there is no response of our grievances in that matter. The cyber crimes and frauds are increasing day by day and there is a fear that our online transaction are not as safe as we thought them.
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    Let us not be lured with such announcements. We have seen many people loosing their money once they respond to such websites. Once you open such websites they would ask you accounts details and other relevant informations. The operation would like a simple procedure but later you would loose the entire money existing in your account. Take every possible step to desist from such proclamation.

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    Few months back I got a mail that my phone was shortlisted to be won three crore prize money being offered by the famous cool drinks company of US. They sought my account details so that the money could be transferred. Since we know it is the spam to extract the banking details of the gullible pubic, the cyber crime police should be after such fraudulent group which is after the innocent public to loot their bank account. These groups are operating from other countries and with the help of our embasies, they must be nabbed and punished through the police help there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    There are two kinds of people in these cases, the ones who are well experienced one and they know how to trap innocent people with their beautiful presentation of emails, phone calls or even SMSs. The other one are those who fall in prey to first kind of people. The first kind of people are doing this because it is their daily business and to earn livelihood they are bound to do such activities. But the victims of these people can avoid such cases by becoming aware and inspect each mail, phone call, SMS before reacting towards it. As per the thread, greediness is in every people's mind, everyone wants to be rich, prosperous and fulfilled with luxuries. But everyone don't possess awareness and common sense, so people needs to be aware whenever they encounter such fraudulent mails, phone calls, SMSs, etc.
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