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    ISC should welcome such trends rather than discouraging them

    Dear ISC and Members,
    Generally, ISC is against the members posting a topic that repeats other members posts. But ISC welcomes such trends at the end of the month by giving a word and asking the members to post messages on that particular word. This month, ISC has choosen the word 'Trend'. There would be dozens of posts on Trend.

    My question is - While ISC can welcome threads on trends, why ISC is against the members posting the same topic in a different form? Why ISC follows a different trend.

    ISC editors should change their mind and allow members to post topics with little variations.
    My suggestion is - ISC should not lock or delete such threads.

    Members, what is your views and comments on my suggestion?

    @This is my entry for TOW contest on the word "Trend"
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    The author is a latecomer at the party. Obviously, in this contest, a word is given to all members for expressing their views on that given topic. Now the author wants that similarly it should be allowed for all members to discuss any topic with little variations and such threads should not be locked by editors.
    I think new topics should be brought to discuss instead. It will increase knowledge also. New topics give new taste and new colour to the forum section instead of repeating a topic for discussion again and again.

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    As we know this is a competition and some parameters are set to make the competition fair, the decision of the topic is a part of the same parameters so that different authors can give their views on the same topic. As far as the common thread is concerned, the frequency of the same subject is correct as long as new elements and new ideologies are being incorporated into the description. If anything is getting new information from a thread, then it should not be determined by the title of the topic whether it has been discussed earlier or not.

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    In the TOW contest generally, a word is given and one should use that word in the title and the content also. When we go through the entries for this contest we will see a lot of variety in the threads. No two threads will appear to be similar. Of course, sometimes there may be some repetition and such threads will not be considered for award. ISC may object same content with different words. This is my idea. If two or three people use the same word in their title they may not lock them. But the content conveys the same matter then they may stop that.
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    Topic based writing contest is an activity done during every month end and members write their ideas pertaining to that topic. So, members will write different things on the same subject which generates the contest premises for selection of the best entries. It is a voluntary and intentional act. On the other hand in the forum section many times it happens that some posts are released for discussions but coincidently they cover same topic and the site Editors have to remove them except one which was either posted earlier or posted around same time and also may be a better one. This is the standard procedure adopted by them and many times it happens that when I do not see what are the other posts and submit a similar post then it is deleted or kept in pending.
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    ISC administration wants to ensure that there should not be duplication of the threads on the same topics and thus the editors are authorized to delete those posts which forms as the duplicate. Actually no member would share the same kind of thread intentionally and the contents differ, As suggested by the author instead of deleting the thread in the name of already trending topic, the editors should modify the same and that would make the members happy that their thread lives and the comment pouring in. Hope the editors would respond to this thread.
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    Sun, the topic given is 'trend'. Could you please check and point out how many similar threads has been posted on the topic? The topic is 'trend' but how many threads have similar ideas and content? Let me have your open views before we set to analyse the entries and declare the winners. I don't want you to sham it out, let us have a serious opinion.
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    The author, in his own unique way, created a thread which suits the context as well as carries his ow suggestion.
    That way I appreciate the author in utilising the opportunity.
    I vaguely remember the same suggestion or matter was discussed in the forum earlier too. If I can locate that thread may link it in a response i this thread.

    Updated: Link 1
    Link 2

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    Though there is a footnote that this is his " entry for TOW contest on the word "Trend"", I find that he could not post it before the deadline and thus not an authorised entry for the TOW contest. However the matter is discussed already as I had given example in my previous response post.

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    Sun, all said and done, let me make it clear that we won't be encouraging threads that have similar ideas and content. You need to appreciate that a topic can be approached and dealt with in different ways and that is what we want. We won't be encouraging topics and threads having similar content. Hope you will try to understand the difference between a single topic and the same idea and content. We are not here to encourage scripts for television serials!

    ** I am not at all surprised by Mohan's response.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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