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    Does visit to a tourist place freshens up us?

    Due to corona pandemic, tourism is affected much and now people are preferring remote and less crowded places for sightseeing and finding it as another way for enjoying the vacation. Some people are taking precautions and daring to go out to the famous places well known for their natural beauty. My query is why there is so much craze for visiting other places? Does it freshens up us or it makes our mind more relaxed and stay there free of mind without any hassle of routine life. Some people go with some agenda also like going to a religious location and offering some money or valuables to the temple and in return asking the almighty for certain favours. What in your opinion are the reasons for going out especially to tourist locations? Does it really help us?
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    Definite;y it will help us in changing our mood and we will get cheered up. Recently I had been to Visakhapatnam with my family. I was there for about 10 days. I have met my old friends who were studied with me during my PG and PhD. Then we have visited good places in and around Visakhapatnam.
    We went to Araku valley and Borra Caves. This tour made us very active. Coffee gardens and waterfalls are also there. Both my granddaughter are also cheered up. No much crowd and we have taken all the required precautions. We used to carry everything from home and no outside items. Like that we managed.
    Everyday remaining inside the four walls of the house is making us dull, I feel. So once in a while, we should go out. Of course, because of this COVID, we have to be very careful. We should select the places where we can maintain social distance and no physical contact with other persons is required. It is better to travel in our own vehicle so that unknown people will not be there with us during the travel also.

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    Having stay put at their home for one year long, not meeting any one nor having exchange of pleasantries, people got fed with the nagging virus scare thus wants to freshen up and visit the tourist places no matter there is danger of virus spread. Most of the people are going to water falls area and in Telangana people are queuing up to places like Mallela thirtham water falls and other water falls near to Nagarjun sager to have first hand connect with the nature at the picturesque tranquil place. Surely the mood would be great after seeing the natural water falls. I had been to that place few years back and here is the photo of the same.
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    Yes, definitely visiting a tourist place freshens up our mind. Earlier, there were no such restrictions, so people frequently visit nearby tourist places of their city to relax their mind and spend some leisure hours with their family. But now, due to work from home rule and lockdown restrictions, people are stuck in their homes and bound to stay there only for long hours. Their productivity had been decreased and along with that most of them are facing health complications like backache, headache, eye strains, etc. So, people can go for a long drive or visit any local tourist place to comfort his/her mind every weekend or in a month. Recently, I visited Uttarakhand with my family member to visit Triyoginarayan temple, it was a pleasant experience. Attaching photo of the same.
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