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    If I say Life is the camera then what would you infer ?

    Life is the camera as we are bound to focus on the issues which are more important and attend to it and we try to develop the other challenging roles from the negatives we have stored in the camera already. One more thing we must ensure that to have the camera handy to capture the best moments of life else we would be missing the same altogether. And the way the we record the moments also matters, because it should be candid and not the arranged one as the things happen in life is also sudden and not planned.
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    Focus is important in both our lives as well as the camera. If the camera is not focused on the item for which you want to take a photograph, the photo will not be good and attractive. In the same in our lives, if we are not concentrating on our tasks and focus on the tasks, we can't perform well. So this is what common I see in these two.
    Once we know how to get the camera to work better we will have better photographs. If the photographer is good and skilled the photos will be nice. Similarly, if we know the better way of making our lives happy and purposeful we will have enjoyment in our lives. If we don't have the knowledge of living better we will have to spend the time normally without much enthusiasm and happiness,

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    Life is a camera? The author has imagined but his access is too high that I don't have access to this comparison. As students, we were told that our eyes are like a camera which functions to watch things surround us and the brain focuses on these things and take decision accordingly.
    Life is an amazing entity. It opens new mysteries every day, some are expected and some are unexpected. All mysteries give us new ways of thinking about fellow humans and bring new ideas to tackle tangible or intangible entities. I see several old people who have retired from their service find it hard to spend their time. How-to arrange their time table has a big problem because they have no work, seriously. How they should sort out things and what they should focus upon. Sometimes, life is getting boring when someone has time and no work. Lying idle somewhere in the corner of the home and keep on scolding naughty small grandchildren, creates unnecessary problems for them, if I visit them they feel happy. I know their mindset. I just start any favourite topic of theirs and sit calmly and they start to vent out what they have inside their chest. I keep on listening to them without any butt in. These old guys wait for my arrival. I, often, think about how life changes for some people.

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    Then one has to continuously click the pictures. Continuously clicking the pictures can be compared to keeping oneself busy with various activities all the time. It's important to remain busy otherwise life will become stagnant. After clicking the pictures, we look at them and those which are blurry, we delete them. Similarly, there are things that create clutter and we need to delete them from our minds. The most important things are focus and steadiness. If either of them is missing the quality of the picture will not be good enough.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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