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    Did you visit any beach on a summer night

    Recently I was in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. I was with my brother for 10days. Generally, Visakapatnam is a very nice place to stay especially during summer. The day may be hot but by evening 5 PM the atmosphere will be cool and people will come out to have a good breeze.
    My brother is staying very near to the sea shore. So we used to go to the beach after having dinner and spend some time there. Even my grandchildren used to come and enjoy. We visited Bhimili Beach, Rushi Konda Beach, Palm Beach and RK Beach.
    It is a very good ambience with good cool wind and we never feel the hotness of the day. Eventhough we are not going into the water at nights we are sitting on the sands and enjoying the cool breeze from the waves.
    What about your experience?
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    Two years back we were to Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu which is a sea shore area and the only entertainment for this place is the sprawling Devanampattinam wonderful beach which is open upto 9 pm every day. We had the opportunity to be there from 7 pm to 9 pm and strict police vigil is there to avoid people venturing into deep sea diving and swimming, It was treat to watch big ships taking birth near the Old town port and the ships lights would greet us from the far. Though people love to feel the water of the sea at the beach, they end up with salty mud all over the body and that is different thrill. The road side vendors are making good money over selling petty things and eatables which are little bit cost;y. However one can enjoy the beach with family with food or the snacks taken from the home and this is the safest place for enjoyment.
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    Yes, a couple of years back, I visited Puri of Orissa along with my family. That family trip was to explore holy Jagannath temple of Puri, Sun Temple of Konark and Bhubaneshwar. It was month of June-July and we faced extreme summer during that time. In the daytime, it was so hot to stay on Puri beach. Somehow we spent some minutes by taking 'nariyal pani'. Then, we came back again in the evening to enjoy beach. It was a quite nice experience then, there were many tourists at that moment and the cold wind was blowing with fine sound of sea waves breaking at shore. Foodstalls were also in good number at affordable rates to attract tourists. From that trip, what I learnt is that, people should avoid visiting beaches in noon time (i.e. around 12 PM) especially in summers. There will be extreme hot temperature and you will hardly see anyone enjoying summer at the beach.
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