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    Why the Phone pe is asking to change pass word ?

    Four days back when I was about to make the payment for the provisions early in the morning, the phone pe stopped working and sought to change the pass word immediately. I had to settle the purchase through cash. Though there is no any strong reason for this as my account is safe, what I feel that if such messages are received when the person is not having any money in hand and fully depending on the e transactions that would be very tricky position. Did you ever got such message from any online payment platforms. Are we safe with our deals ?
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    There may be a reason for such instruction from the site. Generally, many banks will keep a validity period. Once that period is over the site will prompt us to change the password. I have my HDFC bank online account. This site also will ask the customers to change the password after some period. But it will not take much time. You can complete the work in a few minutes. I think Phone Pe is also having such a policy. Why should we worry so much. For changing the password the time required maybe a few minutes. You can do the transaction after completing the password change process.
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    The question is why the pass word be changed if it connected to our phone lock pattern.
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    Nowadays hackers are highly smart. When they can enter into highly protected official sites of the governments and it is a matter of money they seek a chance to hack accounts. This is why it is advised to keep on changing the password after some time. Your password should be too complicated for hackers to get the password compromised. It might be possible that it is the rule of the site to keep it changing or any hacker is closer to hack your password and the site is realising that your password might be compromised in future if your password is not complicated. Moreover, one important thing I would like to tell you that when you intend to change your password, then type it first on notepad or clipboard somewhere and copy and paste it on the site. It often happens when someone takes more time changing a password online, hackers fund it easy to hack the account.

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    Some companies insist for change of password every 3-4 months or if the customer is using it after a gap of long period. That is a safety measure only. There are some hackers who can steal or try to steal the password even through the encrypted network. Our passwords go inside internet in an encrypted fashion but can be tracked with advanced methods. The phone screen lock is only not to allow a person to unlock the phone and that does not protect us from frauds which are being done at the internet platform level. Hackers and phising experts exploit the vulnerabilities in the internet to steal the crucial information.
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    I did not face any such problem with Paytm or Phone pe or Googlepay. But my bank used to ask me to change the password once in six months with a warning that payment would not be made unless the password is changed.
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