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    We should not allow third party to interfere in our family disputes

    When we are staying in a common family some times some difference of opinions will come. Even between wife and husband also some times small issues may crop up. These problems should be sorted out by them only. They should not allow a third person to come in. That will make the situation much worst. If there is a problem with another family, all our family members should be united. We should fight unitedly forgetting our differences.
    When a Gandharva King imprisoned Duryodhana, Dharmaraja told Arjuna and Bhima to go and see that Duryodhana will get released. He told them that he is their brother and it is their responsibility to see that he will be released. Their internal problems should not stop them from helping him when he is in need.
    I think this strategy should be followed even now also. No one should encourage other countries to involve in our internal matters. When there is a war all parties should forget their difference and should work for the country. Do you agree?
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    I agree when two or more families stay together within the four walls, it is most likely to have a kind of quarrels or hot-talk or wrangle. But none of the outsiders should be allowed to interfere in their matters and also none of the party should invite any third party to butt in between them. Being under the same house they will have differences between them but they should settle their disputes themselves. But the next part of this thread is about country. If the same context is taken further it means ruling parties and opposition parties are staying within four walls. They have differences. But they should not take their differences to any third party. And I don't remember if Congress or any other party might have requested any third country to solve their internal Disputes with the government?

    Does the author remember if political parties took their disputes to any foreign country or leader or UN or any other international agency to solve their disputes or giving them support, If yes, then please explain, else it was merely based on a hypothetical question.

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    By the way when its a small family or big joint family the difference of opinion are bound to occur as thought process of persons would be different and the face off is going to happen. And there are elders in the family who are capable of sorting out any problems and thus pave way for amicable living. In villages the families have huge bonding as they need not hurry up for show down as they have enough time to sort out the problems arising out of children or on petty issues. But the main problems with those who are staying in the cities and does not have the time to sort out the problems and thus third party intervention happens as most of the families reside in the apartments and any face off takes place immediately known to the neighbor and tries to intervene and that should not be allowed to happen at any cost.
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    Whenever two people or two groups or two parties fight with each other it often so happens that one of them finds oneself losing the fight. That time in some cases that person or party may look for some external help to come out of the situation. The third person may or may not help but if it decides to help then it would have some vested interests and ambitions and ultimately the seeker will suffer in some other way. So as author had put it, it is always better to resolve our differences within us only as inviting a third party will always complicate it and people have seen this happening all around and it is always better to refrain from making such calls.
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    I completely agree with the writer's point, there are often differences in the family, which is very common because it is not necessary to always have the same thinking on one subject. Whether in the event of differences or in both cases of taking a particular decision, we should try not to include the third party in the middle because it can make it more complex and also be worrying for the future. Not only the family, but in the disputes of two people, the third should not be included unless someone is asking for interferences.

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    I am not referring to any particular incident in which some leaders of ours asked other countries to interfere. A general issue is discussed. But earlier once or twice there were issues where a political leader talked about our internal matters with other country leaders and questioned them why they are silent?

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