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    The lingering scent of sandalwood

    I am fond of scents being sold near the Charminar area where famous shops are exclusively dealing with scents of varied fragrance to keep us in good mood all through the day and especially during the sultry summer when we are bound to sweat and the bad odour is unbearable. Today I chanced upon to have a sandalwood fragrance scent which was applied during the noon and even now the good smell is giving the good cheerful mood. Have you ever tested the scents and if yes which kind of fragrance you use? Do you agree that scents affect your mood?

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    I never have the experience of using Scent. But I use face powder and soaps. I used Sandalwood soaps and face powders made of Sandalwood. Basically, they are from Karnataka and Kaveri Emporiums. Their fragrance will be good and lost long. But I couldn't use them for a long time as this soap is making my skin drier and the itching sensation is increased. The dermatologist advised me not to use these two items. So I discontinued. But my wife and children use these soaps now also.
    I know that the old city of Hyderabad near Charminar is famous for these scents and many times many of my guests go and purchase various items from there.

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    I am very fond of the scent. I also used sandalwood soap and face powder. Even today, I am using sandlewood soap. I think It is natural and healthy for the skin. It's fragrance is very good. This soap suits my skin so I prefer to use this one only. Some people don't use it because of not suits for the skin.

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    Historically, scents were used by the higher classes in the society to keep their moods floating above the worldly problems. Making of good scents by extracting from the particular flower or through chemical methods is a tedious process and good scents are quite costly. There are a large variety of scents created by the chemists or scent experts and they also try to search new scents which could attract the masses to its unique smell. I do not have any fancy for the scents of any type but occasionally I use them especially going for a party. Incidentally, since February 2020, I have not attended any party or gathering of such kind. So, the scent bottle is lying somewhere.
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    I also use scent but not regularly as the author is. He seems to be fond of ascent made of flowers, good to know. The scent of chemicals is not original.
    If someone has furuncle in the nose which pains a lot then the scent is the best remedy for it. Take some scent on a small piece of cotton wool and place it in the nostril so that he may smell it.

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