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    Is this happened or just created?

    As we see in Politics or cricket in India there are some certainties for example in the state of Tamil Nadu state assembly elections one-time DMK and the other time AIDMK in the state of West Bengal
    Jyothi Basu ruled continuously the State around 10 times and now Mamatha is doing it a second time and exit polls are predicting the third time chief minister and Odisha also the same sequence as the Patnaik family ruling it for a longer period of time as same as Andhra Pradesh state assembly from the formation of TDP won 4 times and Congress party 4 times won the assembly elections. If you see in cricket before winning the big trophies there is unrest in the Country. Is it natural or Artificial?
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    There is no similarity between cricket and politics. Players play with the spirit of sportsmanship against their rivals. They play to win, nevertheless, they don't forget to respect each other. If the bowler bowled a beamer by mistake he pays his apology to the batsman who is on the striker- end. We have often seen that the opposite team's fielder is buckling batsman's shoelaces.

    In politics everything is fair. They can do anything to win their elections. I think it is known to all of us. So, it is useless to discuss this aspect of politics and politicians. The author has written about certainties in winning elections and he has given some examples of States also, but now trends have been changed in politics.

    Most probably, in west Bengal now bjp is coming in power, we have seen what happened in Bihar. Some members might disagree with me though but I have been observing something fishy on social media. Although I don't believe in social media but a few YouTube channels.

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    I do not see any similarity to draw the attention of unrest between politics and the cricket. Fortunately India has the huge fan following no matter the matches are held without audience in attendance at the grounds. No doubt unrest is created before the elections so that the people would fear not to vote. But that is not going to have the effect on the cricket as the fans are going to have ball to ball enjoyment of the biggest entertainment in store. When the ruling party feels jittery and about to loose they try to create commotion to draw attention of voters. But for this time there is going to be sweeping changes in the out come of election results in WB and TN as in both states BJP wants to register their presence and be with game changing out come. But we have to wait till May 2 when the entire elections would be over and counting begins.
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    We can always draw some inferences from the happenings in the past but whether they will come true or not is a million dollar question. There are many things which happen due to the hard work of the people whether it is cricket or politics but many times chance factors and coincidences also play a big role. In cricket the chance factor is often narrated to cover the defeats or bad play. In politics there are many things to blame for the defeat of a party and most of the times it is a surprise only. Even after a good anti-establishment wave the same fellow continues. In politics, most of the times we can give credit for the winning of an inferior candidate to the gullible, innocent, poor, and less educated mass of the country. There is nothing which can be done there to improve this situation but slowly voters are realising their importance in selecting a good candidate.
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    In cricket, the play may turn into the unpredictable phase since the mood of the players would decide the outcome of the final result. If we go by this trend even in the election, the predictions of the results may be quite surprising since no one can tell which event in the last moment can reverse the expectation of the electorate in the last moment. In the election process, there are certain parties to woo the voters in many tricks and the voters have been smart to identify such nefarious design of the politicians. They may accept the the cash and kinds being offered by the politicians but in the voting process, they may select a competent candidate. Moreover, at the last moment the voters may change their decisions in voting and hence the entire equation of the voting in that situation may alter. Hence any prediction at leat in West Bengal at the present moment is unpredictable.

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    All the above
    Statistics is one of my favorite subjects I draw analysis on each and everything which happened and evaluate theories and make a hypothesis on that. I don't think these theories will be available on Social media and I will not use smartphones even though I am in the Software field. My Phone is Nokia225. Yes, I visit Facebook on my standard alone pc and also visit some social media regarding vlogs on youtube...

    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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    Bhushan, what is the analysis you are trying to draw? What is the relation between Jyoti Basu ruling West Bengal for 10 years, DMK and AIADMK alternately coming to power in Tamil Nadu, Patnaik family coming to power in Odisha and the TDP and Congress wins in Andhra Pradesh and finally Cricket matches. What are you trying to connect? And so is your response at #727265. The whole thing does not convey any sense. Irrespective of the responses that have come in based on the assumptions of our members, I am of the opinion that your thread is disconnected and confusing.

    Please note that you must bring clarity to what you put in writing. Your ideas or thoughts may be clear but then you should be able to convey the same with the same clarity when you reduce them to writing. Do not just scribble down some words or sentences and leave the rest to the imagination of the reader. My intention is not to offend or discourage you but to suggest improvements in the way you conceive and construct your threads and responses.

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    I wonder what is in the author's mind. What he really wants to know through his thread? What is he talking about cricket and politics with Tamilnadu, Bengal, Odissa, AP and Telengana?
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    Relating one thing to other from sports world to politics is just a wild guess and in the nature of conjecturing. It appears devoid of logic also and does not have any one to one correspondence.

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