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    Threads that have not been discussed in the forum for any reason.

    Authors, who consistently contribute to the forum section and post threads every day, and the discussion on those threads takes about 2 to 3 days, after a few days those threads can become old. Editors also do not allow for discussion on old threads after a certain time, which may have caused the thread to be posted much earlier. But if a thread has been posted long ago but due to any reason the response of other authors on that thread has not been discussed, will those threads also be considered as old?

    If we check into unanswered threads, then there are some threads with good topics that have not been discussed, should we discuss those threads after a long time or count those threads in the old threads and ignore them.

    In this regard, the advice of the editors and the opinion of the members is also important. Please all of you give your feedback.
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    I have observed if a thread is just a few days old whether or not it has been discussed by other members if I bump it up, later on, is found locked. It is entirely on the editorial team that threads might be allowed for further discussion. If you see any thread which was not discussed by other members but you want to give your comments on it, then go for it. Now it depends on the editor lt let it be locked it not. I think if the thread is relevant for this discussion why he/she will lock it. I don't think it is a big issue.
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    Swati, refer to the last paragraph of this FAQ thread. Irrespective of whether a thread has received responses or otherwise, the existing rule is very clear that you should not pull up threads that are ten or more days older and is no longer active. Hope the point is clear.
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    For reasons not known to anyone some threads remain unattended for many days through the heading and content would be catchy and easy to respond to but suffer from one reply. But we are not allowed to pull the old threads and that has become the accepted rule. I have suggested in the past that if the thread is not seen by the members by oversight or by not knowing the answer, the editors should take the lead and start their own reply so that the other members would also join them, otherwise the member who raised the thread gets dejected for not getting a single response.
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    The life of a thread is 10 days. After 10 days we are not supposed to respond to such threads. This has been told a number of times and there is no way for answering such threads. But for Ask Experts questions that time period is not there.
    If anybody feels that a good topic has gone without discussion, a new thread can be opened with a different approach.

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    Old is old. Threads that has completed their time of 10 days are considered to be dead. ISC won't allow that thread to be live and won't give extention to its life. However, such threads can be renewed by creating a fresh thread with a modified title or the same title, provided that thread had not received a single response from the members.
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    I will like to compare it with the demand and supply situation. There are some members who are regularly posting in forum section and also there are some members who are regularly responding. Now, it may so happen at times that the number of posts available are more then the collective potential of the responding members. If it happens like that then it is possible that some of the threads, even if they are good ones, may remain unattended and by that time go outside the prescribed limit of 10 days and get locked. So it is not exactly the quality issue but if more posts are there then sometimes a few of them can go out of the loop.
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