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    Best Forum Response Contest- Participate and win prizes!

    We are now announcing a new contest to assess the best response posted during a given period. There won't be any specific entries as such but we would be selecting two responses submitted to threads posted on the 6th, 7th and 8th of April for the best response prize and a runner-up.

    Though we are not putting up any guidelines, it goes without saying that the assessment would be based on the language, relevance, appropriateness and overall quality of the responses. Please avoid creating responses for the sake of the contest and be your natural self. The posting guidelines will be, as usual, applicable.

    The best response will receive a cash reward of Rs 30/- with 30 points and the runner-up will receive Rs 20/- with 20 points.

    Let us see how creative and committed our members can be while posting responses.
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    It is a unique contest. No registration is required. Only we have to maintain the quality of the responses we post to the threads. Normally also some good responses are being given some CC. A good concept by ISC. Thank you ISC.
    always confident

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    This appears to be an interesting and novel idea and definitely will evoke good response from the members. Interestingly many members are responding to the posts in forum section and only thing is that now we all have to be a little bit conscious that our response will be assessed during the contest period. I thank ISC for giving an opportunity to its members for participating in various types of contests.
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    Good that the ISC has now started giving credence to forum responses and even stipulated awards to be won. For the members like me irrespective of awards or rewards , our response to almost every post would be the criteria daily and those who are the regular thread creators would feel happy with the responses from many. Giving response to the threads also needs knowledge and the idea to write the reply and therefore it is good that ISC has started recognizing this ability among the members. And the first response to any thread should also be given the credence as it would start the discussion.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Thanks ISC for starting this contest. It will encourage members to give the best responses in the threads.
    If this contest expands to Best Response of the Week and Best Response of Month, it will improve writing skills of members.

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    ISC is trying its best to be popular among the member circles and at the same time it is providing opportunities to the members to show their potentials in terms of best contributions while writing in the Forum Section. This is one of the best ways to improve the skills of the members, having the chances of winning prizes for their contributions.

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    ISC admin thought well and came up with this novel contest. Such contest should be held every week and the winners should be selected like the TOW (Thread of the week) award for the week. It can be called as ROW (Response of the Week). And the award can be similar to TOW.

    Would be very glad to see TOW and ROW awards at ISC

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    The best forum response contest seems to be an interesting one. I am very excited to be a part of this contest. We can say that we are already responding to the threads but now ISC wants us to take a little more attention while responding to the thread. ISC is pointing to the quality and relevance of our responses. This contest has been established to emphasize the importance of quality response.

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    It is good to note that ISC is making sure that every member of the site is active and participate in their forum discussions. If we monitor, there are very few members who are regular to the site and forum. They are regular commenters and also good posters but some are guests that come and go while some do give their inputs but at random points. There are various reasons for not being active or responding but for the site, it does matter. Keeping in mind the positivity and competitions, such competitions are with a try. All the best everyone.
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    'Variety is the spice of life'
    This is true of ISC forum activities and contests also. I welcome this contest. It is definitely a stimulator for reading the treads and responding genuinely. As per my free time convenience, I wish to participate to the maximum extent possible. I seek all ISC forum members also to participate actively in this contest.

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    Thanks, Saji Sir
    It is a good concept to active our members in the forum response. This type of reward helps to improve the response rate

    Phagu Mahato
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    Good initiative by the channel to further improve the quality of forum contents. But response for a threat posted on 6th, 7th and 8th April will be taken in to account or responses posted on above three days against any threat will be considered is not understand, please clear.
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    Taking a cue from what Kamal Kishore stated, rather than a contest it is hoped that members consider it as a conscious learning platform to improve on the manner of responding, reading the text of the thread and not skimming over it or merely going by the title. The number of responses unrelated to the thread seems to be on the rise, frankly, which is not good for our forum.

    Another likely benefit of this reward program (rather than a contest as such) is that it should encourage more diverse topics for discussion, not to mention more clarity in what exactly the topic is. I sometimes get a little befuddled and need to consult another editor to find out what the thread's author wants to convey.

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    This is a different kind of competition. ISC constantly strives to find the best qualities and skills in its members. This is an example of the same. And because of all these things, ISC is a different site than other sites. Greetings to the editors who organized such innovative competitions.

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