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    If I am not happy you are responsible seems to be the allegation by many

    When we generally have the talk with the people on personal matters and issues of more importance in their personal life, they blame upon us for not giving credence to their woes and thus the problem aggrevated to the point of no return. How can the people expect that we can interfere in their affairs and sovle their problems ? While some wants none should know their personal matters or issues and at the same time they fume over our indifferent attitude against them. Are we really made scape goat by other inefficiency to deal with the life ?
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    This is very peculiar. Why somebody can complain against us saying that we have not solved their problems. If somebody comes and tells you that they are in a problem and ask us for some suggestion, we can suggest some way out if we have a solution for that. Otherwise, we may suggest something to try to them,
    Every individual will have his/her own problems and they will be busy solving those issues. Many times they feel that the time they have is not sufficient for them to solve their own problems. In such a case, How a person expect others to solve his problems?
    Even though many people approach us, we may not be able to solve their problems always. But if we show them a path to get their problem solved, that will also be a very good help for them.

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    Though we might have helped them that was not timely and forthcoming seems to be their allegation.
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    How we can come to know about their problems and miseries, then why they complain against us that we are indifferent to their problems. I think this type of complaint often comes from someone who at any point in time might have helped you when you were in need or they have deep faith and confidence in you and they expect you to be with them when they are in any difficulty.
    I think their complaint is valid because when we have a close relationship or friendship with someone but he hesitates to seek our help, in this situation it is our responsibility to realise our responsibility for him. And the fact is that it is easy to recognise if our friend is in deep trouble, but he does not reveal what is happening with him. If we fail to perceive his problems without him telling us his problems then something is wrong with our perception or with our relationship with him.

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    We remain happy when everything happens according to our wish and vice-versa. Our happiness always has a condition attached to it. Whenever we set a condition for something and it doesn't happen according to our choice we try to find the culprit rather than analyzing what really went wrong. Whenever you are in trouble you seek help and we seek help from our close friends and relatives. Unless somebody is an expert in reading the minds of others it will not be possible to know what is happening inside the mind of a person at a given moment. If you are aware of the problems of your near and dear ones you should try to solve such problems and if one doesn't help even after realising the problems then the person may be blamed afterwards but that is not the solution. The reason for unhappiness has to be found but interestingly many people do not know what makes them happy.

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    Human relations and interactions are very peculiar and sometimes even mysterious in the sense that we do not know what is going on in the mind of other people especially our friends or colleagues. Some people have a habit of expecting sympathy from others and if they do not get it they become irritated and offensive. They also have a bad habit of alleging others for their failures of setbacks. One of my friend told me that as he did something as per my advice and failed in that attempt and so I was responsible because I gave a bad piece of advice to him. This is a strange thing to behave like that but there are all types of people in this world and such cases are also not very rare.
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    Agreed with the author, there is a multitude of people in society who blame others for the bad times of their lives, maybe by doing this, they make themself good towards their deeds and do not want to accept their own mistakes. As the author has rightly said, as long as the frequency of good times in the life of people is high, they do not feel the need or lack of anyone, but as soon as the hard times have come, all the relationships around us being most important need and we think about it who is with us and who is not. The truth is that every person is struggling many times in their life, in such a situation, no one becomes part of your struggle until you ask for help from them yourself.
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