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    Being healthy has become more important than being wealthy

    Post corona and its second spike has created much panic among the public and those who are having money is getting more worried becuase there is no guarantee of life and all the accumulations of wealth and money would of no use when the person is no more. So there is a lateral thiinking among many now that being healthy has become more important. For that matter they are skipping their duties, doing exercise, yoga, and taking healthy food, so that they can ensure healthy life and not with escalating and nagging diseases.
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    Though even in the past, our seniors put much stress on the health parameters and money was their second priority. Even their requirements were limited and they need require huge money to meet their requirements. Hence they maintained a healthy life style with the adherence of healthy foods and maintaining a better sleep quality.
    However, money became their topmost priority for the most of the people prior to corona phase and there was no end to this this lust. This phase has taken the lives of so many people and such a gloomy situation has changed the attitudes of many people giving overriding priority for the maintenance of health. They are observing yoga, physical activities and have become cautious in respect of their food intake. Their pattern of food is simple so that there is no accumulation of fat and that staple heart friendly. In the current phase, their priority is to enhance immunity with better life styles and inclusion of certain herbs such as Gooseberries, Aloe Vera, Guduchi Juice etc.

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    Health is wealth is an ages-long adage that is still believed. Wealth is important but good health is more important. But the author has given the example of a pandemic that people are realising how it is important to keep themselves healthy, especially, when everyone is prone to the deadly virus, so despite following guidelines even a single mistake can cause havoc in their life. The importance of health should be known to all, however, it is a different matter that many people are careless about their health. Those educated young girls and guys who take drugs do know how drugs addiction is harmful to their health but they take it. It kills their body as well as waste their money. This is a very serious issue but drug rackets are working in colleges and universities and alluring young students towards drugs-addiction. This illegal business is going on in every city. Often, in the newspaper, this news is published that a drugs racket was caught by police. These racketeers know very well that dealing with drugs is a serious and heinous crime, nevertheless, people come into this illegal business.
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    Health is wealth. This is a well known saying. The importance of health is known even earlier days also. That is why if you have to select from health and wealth you should opt for health. If health is there you can somehow manage and earn money. But if there is no health the wealth you have is of no use and you can't have food and sleep as you desire.
    But many people forgot this fact and suffered a lot. Again this COVID 19 has made all the people realise the importance of health. Now everybody talks about healthy eating, yoga and exercises to maintain good health. That is a good development.
    A healthy man will have more happiness in his life. He need not make rounds around hospitals and doctors. He can use his time for these activities. He can utilise his full time constructively and achieve success in his life. But a person with bad health can't do anything. His health will never allow him to work properly and many times he has to withdraw himself from many activities.
    So health is very important and we should maintain the same properly.

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    When health is wealth then health should be the priority. Health is more important to earn money, spend time with family and live a comfortable life. Money can't be underestimated; it is a means to live a better and peaceful life. You can buy medicine from it to be healthy. In the second wave which seems more deadly, health must be the priority. There are no chances of leniency, following SOP's become mandatory to tell others to wear a mask and maintain physical distance to prevent covid infection.

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