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    Rafale deal-do you doubt bribing in the purchase ?

    When ever the elections occur to the states or any other by election the Congress raises the bogey of Rafale deal and allege that there is a hidden scam and that party keeps on harping the same issue again and again but the NDA govt denies any such hidden deal which favored bribe. Over the past 7 years of Modi govt not a single corruption charges proved by the Congress and thus public also agree to the fact that this govt is free from the corruption. Do you personally feel that there is a corruption in the deal and that is concealed.
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    The Rafael deal is shrouded in mystery. According to a French news portal, the French Anti-corruption Agency, Agence Francaise Anticorruption (AFA) while auditing the accounts of Dassault, found that 1.1 million euros suspicious payment to an Indian middleman. This is what the Congress party raised, and is asking the Government to issue a statement on this issue. This report has surfaced recently. The duty of the opposition is to raise such matters that come out in the media and ask for the government statement and further action if necessary.

    There were reports in the Swedish media that the Swedish bus manufacturer, Scania, paid bribes in India to get a contract. The reports allege that a luxury bus was gifted to a family close to a minister. The said Minister issued a statement that the reports were malicious. It the duty of the opposition to question the government and raise such issues before the press. The government on it's part should try to conduct an enquiry and clear the matter.

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    Why the rate of rafale was increased and why the number of aircraft was decreased and why Anil Ambani was given the contract when his company was unknown and new to this trade, why CAG did not audit this deal etc several questions have been raised by the opposition parties, especially, Congress party. We don't know what is truth. Is the congress party opposing the government for the sake of opposition? All doubts need to be clarified.
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    Every deal related to big purchases especially in defence area is shrouded with mystery. The reason is that big money is involved and everyone is not honest so what they will do is make a coterie of people and group which will decide the purchase and the cut money will go to the individuals in a mode they want - cash or kind. In many cases this happen and this is not a new thing. Now whether such a thing happened in the Rafale case or not is a matter of investigation and opposition should lodge a FIR or enquiry application with the court or raise this point in parliament and ask for CBI enquiry. In stead of wasting time in farmers movement and useless things like saheen baag and anti CAA rallies they should concentrate for this enquiry and if it is proved that money has been taken out of the deal then present Govt will fall and then opposition can win the election and take the control of things in their hand and run the country honestly in better ways.
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    In any such deal which they call technically a tender, there could be irregularities. The only solution is some high level enquiry and that would satisfy the people who are raising this issue. The Govt should allow for any enquiry if from the given data, the court asks for it. Yesterday only in Maharashtra the High Court has allowed a CBI enquiry in the alleged case of 100 crore vasooli racket.
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    By the way CAG is headed by opposition and it can pass strictures if the deal was out of track.
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    Mohanji, are you sure that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India are headed by the opposition?
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    There are many question marks in this deal. But nothing is proved and no one is able to prove and even Supreme Court has given a clean chit to the government. We can't call a thief also a thief till it is proved that he is the thief. Facts have to come out.
    After BJP formed the government in the Center, no corruption cases were surfaced so far except this Rafale deal. But how much weightage will be given to this no corruption policy by our Indian voters is not known. So far in any election, the corruption cases gave a negative effect on the candidate. People like Jagan Mohan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh were successful in state elections proves that people are not very much concerned about the corruption by the people occupying the highest position.

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    France's anti - corruption agency has now uncovered a bribe of Rs 8.76 crore in a raffle deal. From the outset, the Congress had alleged that crores of rupees had been embezzled in the Rafale warplane deal between India and France. This is confirmed by the suspicion of the French anti-corruption agency and the findings of the subsequent investigation by the French media. According to media reports, Dassault Aviation, the maker of the raffle, had given 50% of the bribe of Rs 4.38 crore, (total bribe10 lakh Euro = Rs 8.76 crore) to the broker. The aforesaid expenditure of 4.38 crore is recorded as 'gift to the contracting party'.
    Sushen Mohan Gupta, who was a mediator in the Augusta Westland helicopter deal, is suspected to be the mediator. Earlier in 2019, the Directorate of Enforcement had arrested him in connection with a multi-million dollar deal involving the purchase of helicopters from Augusta. Sushen Mohan Gupta is also the owner of Defsys Solutions, one of the Dassault Aviation's subsidiaries in India, in connection with the raffle deal.
    Proof of corruption.
    The three pillars of democracy - the Legislature, the Executive (EC, CAG, CIC, etc.) and the Judiciary - are all now under the control of Central Government. Will any cases against the Central Government or the allegations of corruption prove by the 2nd and 3rd pillers?

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