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    Migrants again in trouble as they are returning home

    Six months back when the corona cases eased and when the central govt thrown open the Infrastructure for big development, the migrants who fled to their home town or village during the first corona spread had returned back for the work. But the second spread is causing lots of concern in Maharastra and those who are earning good amount and also plenty of works in hand,. the situation is forcing them to return back to their homes. Thus more commotions more moments would be seen in the media and press.
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    These poor labour have to work hard to earn money whether they are in their village or staying in cities. They stay in a rented room. They may adjust five to ten out of them in a small room just for the sake of saving some money. Also, their families entirely depend on their money, so these people save the maximum amount and spend their time under pathetic conditions. Last year when the pan-India lockdown was imposed in the country and these people and similar others who were stuck in other states in large number had returned home but all trains and buses were stopped, so they had to walk on foot. A movie is about to be released about migrants how they faced sufferings and pains.
    I think the government should arrange their safe return from Maharashtra and other states. They need help if they start walking on foot then we should extend our support to them if we are in this position to succour them. During the first surge of the pandemic humanity was revived and how human bonds were developed was pleasant to experience.

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    The problem of migrant workers has many dimensions. The first thing that is quite rudimentary to understand is that why these people migrate to other states. It means we are not able to generate the jobs for them in their own states. Does it mean that those states are poor and have no infrastructure to provide jobs. Are there no industries there? Are there no food packaging units? Is there not going on some construction work to accommodate them there itself? Are they agriculturally backward? So, it reflects badly on the state Govt of a particular state when the people from those places start running to other states for jobs. In 73 years of independence we were not able to generate even the menial jobs for our poor and downtrodden population and it is a matter of great shame and sadness. Another aspect is that neither the state Govt nor Central Govt or combination of both are able to feed these people for a period of 9-10 moths till the pandemic wave subsides as per the past experience and for that Govt will say that they do not have any arrangement to retain such a large workforce in that place itself and only option is to send them back to their homes. So when there is nothing to do then history repeats itself and they have started to leave.
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    The corona phase is extremely difficult for the migrants since the spread of the virus has resulted in layoff the migrants from their employers. We have witnessed their tragedies last year when many of the migrants working in Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat and other states had to leave the place due to the loss of the jobs. Most of these migrants were from Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal and they migrated the different states along with their families just to feed them. The unfortunate part is that neither the central nor the state government came forward to help these migrants for at least a month so that they could find out any alternative job. If we remember exactly of their tragedies, some of their family members including themselves had to part with their lives due to intense heat or they met with the accidents due to the speedy vehicles.
    The current situation is no more different but may turn still worst due to high rate of spread. There is the repetition of the same events still now. This needs to be addressed both by the centre and state on the compassionate ground.

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    I agree with this bitter truth. Central and state governments both are responsible for their migration from their place cities and they are exploited everywhere. Governments are becoming indifferent, the main reason is that rich people are coming in politics who do not what poverty is. In this present parliament, almost 92% MPs are a billionaire. These rich parliamentarians who do not know how these poor people spend their lives can't understand the problems of poor people. Some years ago an MP said in an interview that there is no food problem for the poor people. Every person just needs Rs 32 every day. Later on, it came out why he said Rs 32 is a sufficient amount to spend a comfortable life. The reason is that the canteen in parliament provide the best food to all these parliamentarians at the cheapest rates that all three meals might be purchased within this amount.
    Mainly the people of Bihar migrate to other states because they have no good jobs. They don't have sufficient daily wages in comparison to other developed states of the country.

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    Last year same situation was there and there was lot of problem for smooth movement of the migrant workers from their work place to their homes. If every time this type of thing is happening then we have to think some alternative for this or allow the industries to work with may be more precautions etc. We do not know till what time this second wave will be there.
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    When the infrastructure works or roads are laid in every state, then why the migrants shifting to other states?
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    Another problem is that if these migrants from Maharashtra where the second wave is very severe migrates to their native places, the spread of Corona may be high also. Even after going to their native place, it is not sure that these people get work there. So the state and the central government should think and find a way to retain these people in their present places only. The governments should help them in getting their basic needs fulfilled till these cases come down and normalcy comes back. Irrespective of their age, they all should be vaccinated so that they are protected from the virus. Once they are vaccinated they can continue living there themselves and try for some work.
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