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    How to change that password?

    Do you know about that special password that is not related to banking or digital platforms? Find out what it is and whether you would be able to change it in any way!

    This is not about changing the account password of ISC or any other platform but that particular password which many of you have. You might be wondering which particular password I am talking about since you need to memorize many passwords nowadays because of the use of various digital means. Before that, let me tell you something important about those passwords. It is always recommended to use various characters and an alphanumeric combination for the passwords so that it remains safe. There is also a recommendation to change passwords at a certain interval. So far so good.

    Now let me tell you about that particular password. I am talking about the password to stay well. Many of you might be having a combination of things to stay well. It may be a set of rules, practices, etc and you may wish to keep it a secret. Now, for security reasons, as with any other passwords we use in the digital medium if you are to alter the password for staying well after a certain interval how you are going to do that? Is it possible? Just think of it.
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    A strong password is always encouraged. No password is safe from hackers. They can reach us by their continuous efforts. So it is always recommend to create a strong password and keep on changing the same after a few months and we should not forget to note down these passwords somewhere in a diary or notebook. A few years ago my email password was compromised by a hacker from Guangzhou (China). It was the very first experience of my life when a hacker made me in trouble. It happened when I was changing my password but I took a bit more time in choosing another password, meanwhile, he hacked my account. I remained in trouble for almost two hours. Eventually, when I contacted the Help Desk the next moment they locked my account and within 24 hours it was recovered.
    I reiterate that we need a strong password for having a safe account.

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    It makes us to ponder to find out a password to stay well. The biggest challenge for a person today is to stay well and for that many people undertake many different life styles, exercise regimes, food habits, meditation, and Yoga but the fact of life is that everything has a limited effect and it is not necessary that by doing a certain set of things one will really remain healthy and well. The reason is that there are many microbes in the environment which do not differentiate much between the human bodies from one to another and all are good hosts for them. They simply land on our bodies and start their destructive work slowly and gradually leading to ailments. Another reason for falling ill is internal or more technically physiological. In our body there are a number of activities and transformations of biochemical nature and it is a complex process which is going inside in various important parts of the body from the glands to the bones. Till, there is a balance, there is no problem but as soon as some misbalance takes place then slowly it may enhance to such levels that it may interfere with the working of many parts and systems inside and create some ailment. Some of them are curable why some are not.

    It is generally believed and is true to quite some extent that by adhering to good life style these ailments can be minimised if not removed completely from our lives. So there is no simple password to good health and remain well.

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    The password to stay healthy is to take regular exercise, eat healthy food, try to always be happy and never let in the negativity popup in mind. Everyone wishes to stay fit and young and the only password for a better and healthy life is a healthy lifestyle. People are struggling nowadays to stay fit but many ailments and diseases have crept in to disrupt our mental peace. Proper care and timely medical checkup are important to stay healthy. Always try to develop a positive environment free from choas and commotion in the house. Choas always disturbs the peace and develops depression in the family members which result in a depressing situation and give rise to different problems. In this fast world, just daily exercises, good food are not enough, keep your home free from negativity and develop a peaceful environment with family members.

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    Life is a open book. Life doesn't have any pass word to operate. However, I would say that good habits are the good pass words in our life. In Tamil, the pass word is - Thirudaathe, Poi sollaathe, Pitchai edukkaathe. Means Don't steal, Don't lie, Don't beg. If these things are followed, life is secured. Also, Don't drink, Don't smoke are the best passwords to maintain good health.
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    It is difficult to make a direct correlation between the lifestyle and health but as per the Ayurvedic principles enumerated inout culture there are some ways prescribed to get a good health and wellness in ones life. The first thing is early rising in the morning and go for a walk. Another thing is to take food in a limited quantity and avoid foods that create gas in the stomach and produce indigestion. In Ayurveda the use of natural products is recommended for wellness. There are also many home remedies which are mentioned in our old medical books and people are benefited by them.
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    Our way of living will be the password for our stay well formula. This password should also be changed once in a while based on our age and work requirements.
    We should have eating habits based on our age and we should change them as and when required so that we will continue to stay well. When we are young and enthusiastic we may be doing a lot of physical exercises and we may be participating in yoga and such activities. At those ages, we may be eating a good quantity of food and different types of food. But as we grow old we may not be so active and physical activities will come down. So we should change our food habits. This is like changing the password only.

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    In modern digital world, lifestyle is supported by a password and it's required frequent chages due to changing trends or otherwise. But if we look behind our past history, there were the only principles in life which need not
    required any changes. They always maintained that strong password throughout their life. One simple example regarding on of such revolutionary leader Masterda Surya Sen is given here:
    Masterda has come to get married. This time the marriage mantra will be recited. Suddenly a note was handed to masterda from the side. After reading the note, Masterda became worried and serious. Important instructions came from the upper leader of the Kolkata team. Later on the night of that day in a secluded room, he said to his wife Pushpa, "You have no limit to support my crime.You are my wife who has been my arsonist.You will be my wife till the last day of my life."
    Newlywed wife Pushpa said goodbye with tears in her eyes. Just said, "Will I get your letter sometimes?" Yes, Masterda spoke. Letters used to come to Pushpa very secretly. The letter begins with 'Puspa my affection' and ends with 'Your Surja'.
    Husband and wife have not met during their lifetime. Pushpa was then succumbed to pneumonia. And Surya Sen is a prisoner. After being released on parole for a few hours, he came to see his wife puspa . But before that the lamp of life has gone out.
    Later on January,1934 he was hanging to death by british govt. due to Chittagong armoury raid case. So I think changing password is not essential for everyone. Thanks.

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