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    Financial independence alone does not make you a independent person

    What is being a independent man according to you? Is it being financially independent so you don't have to ask anyone money or is it doing all the work by yourself without having others do it? I have seen people say "my son is very independent and does not need the support from us parents ". But I always wonder, if your son is so independent then why should he depend on his wife in all the other work such as washing, or cooking or even making tea or getting a glass of water. Now does that not make him dependent?
    One more scenario is, most people say a women should be independent. Now, this independence mean, the girl should be able to work and meet some financial needs. But is she allowed to take all the major or any financial decisions? She should still agree for what her husband decides.
    I always wonder, why is being independent means it should only be financially were as dependency in other factors are not at all considered. An independent man has to be dependent on his wife for all the work and an independent woman is not given enough independence to make her choice but stil such dependencies are not even taken into consideration.
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    Truly said by the author that financial independence is no way testifies the person to be standing on his own strength as some where or the other the help from other quarters is must and those who are ignorant of this very fact always blabber that his son is independent. I have also seen extreme case example of financial independence during covid period that those who boasted of the money could not get the services of maid as they were absent to the works for the obvious reasons and even extra money offered during that period could not lead to work done phase, and therefore money alone does not matter and one has to have good relations with all and should not doubt the others for not having money. One thing is sure, this corona has taught a lesson to every one and how they taken is the matter to be seen.
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    We are human beings and cannot survive in isolation. We have many needs and some of them are financial, emotional, and social. These are the vital components where we require interaction with others and then live in a cordial and comfortable environment. Simply having some money in one's pocket will not be sufficient for him to lead a happy life. Financial independence is necessary as without that you cannot move with your head held high. But other things are also equally important. After a day's hard work when one returns home one seeks the company of family in a cosy and loving atmosphere. There is no substitute for that.
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    The author is right when she says that financial dependence alone is not the passport of independence in all the fields and to support this, we have seen busy managers of different companies asking from his wife for a cup of tea immediately though the every item is available in the kitchen but he needs the assistance of his wife due to his lack of skills. Hence to say that financial sufficiency offers us chances of capabilities to dependence in most of the field is not correct. Wife is the better manager at home doing every household jobs - from kitchen job to teaching her kids but she is dependent upon her husband relating to finance.
    This trend is the usual pattern in our domestic set up but still there there is harmony and peace of the couple between their understanding.

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    The author has given examples in this thread that shows that a man depends on the woman despite financially self-dependent and a woman who, financially, does not depend on her husband but still is deprived of taking her decision, rather she has to ask her husband before taking any step.
    The author has rebellious feelings against this social system. I think she strongly supports that women should be given the right to decide at their discretion and volition without asking their husband. I disagree with her. This concept of freedom for women is half baked. Absolute freedom for man and woman results in the demolition of a family structure. Every decision should be taken on mutual terms subject to mutual understanding.
    In the western world, women are free to take any decision without asking any elderly person. Now I give an example to the author if her young daughter brings her boyfriend and takes him into her room to have moments of intimacy. Your husband, son can't stop her. The reason is she is fully self-dependent on taking her decision what she likes to do. If any of you stops her she will dial 999 and the police will take you all.
    I strongly support women empowerment but equally oppose this concept which comes from the west. Some kind of hilarious views emanates from the west, like Why a woman should conceive a baby, why a man can't do it. After all, God is He, not She. Especially, those women who are atheists are more vocal.
    We should realise a fact that man and woman both are created quite separately. They are free within their respective space, the problem starts when the encroachment of space occurs or rights are snatched or natural laws are contravened. We need to be more liberal and more open-minded.

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    In my opinion financial independence is a very important thing and many of our problems are easily resolved if a person is having a regular source of income. The confidence level of an earning member is far more than that of a non earning member. Even for women it is an important matter as they have to depend on the mercy of their husband or parents for everything. Apart from financial independence we also require friends to share our feeling with them and also everyone requires a close knit family to have fun and frolic time to time. So only money will not suffice.
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    In my opinion, no person is independent in this society. A human being is a social animal and he requires some support from society for his living. Everybody will have to depend on somebody for something or other. There is a saying in Telugu that means that even a gold plate also requires support to stand. We may have a lot of money. But it will not do all the works for you. You may not have the skill of doing all the works on your own. By paying money you are getting those works done. Sometimes your money will not help you to get the work done.
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    The author asked us a question:
    "Does financial freedom alone make you a free person?"
    The answer she gave is a "big No".
    I think it would be good to examine what freedom is when you think about it.
    Independent is the state in which one can live without depending on anything. Is there anyone on earth like that?
    The only answer is "no". As a social being, man cannot live without depending on society. Because it lives, it must depend on the sun, air, water, and the fruits and grains of earth. We may have to assign people to various tasks that we can and cannot do. Except for the effect of the sun, everything can be bought with cash, then also a person with good financial stability is not free. Good health (Money cannot buy it fully), peace of mind (never worth the price), good family life. These cannot be purchased with money. Those who claim to be financially independent, are not fully independent. They are dependent to many.

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