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    Membership level changed from Gold to Silver

    When I recalculated my points, there was some drastic reduction which is around 278 points. Due to this, my membership level has been changed from Gold to Silver. Is there any way to know the reason why the points have decreased?
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    To maintain gold level, you need to contribute a minimum points in a year. If you are irregular and don't contribute, you would slip down to the previous level.
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    Usually, whatever you post in an automated fashion, the ISC system will give points for your contribution. During verification by the editors of your contributions, they may have reduced your points on the merit of your contribution. Thus your points may have got reduced.

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    The highlight of our pointing system in this site is the continued contribution and we are bound to loose the position, ranking and relegated to even zero rank if no contributions made. Many of the senior members who achieved the platinum level slipped to the diamond level and many has gone to the gold level from the diamond level. Nothing to worry, from today onward be regular and be contributing daily to regain the position of ranking and the level. ISC must be appreciated for creating such a wonderful ranking system in the world through which the levels are generated automatically.
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    Santhosh, please refer to this Help Topic. You need to remain active on this site by contributing to different sections to maintain/ increase your membership level. Since it appears that you are back after a gap, I suggest you read and understand the guidelines for new members and also all the threads and topics to which a link has been provided therein. Keep contributing and be consistent so that you get your Gold level back and also move on to higher levels soon. All the best!
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    Sustained contribution is the only key to maintain one's membership level. We have to strive for that.
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