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    Diabetics is not against eggs.

    I am a diabetic. Someone said that anything that is white should not be eaten by the people suffering due to diabetics.

    Recently I experimented with egg eating.

    Early morning, I checked my sugar level(Fasting). The reading was 85. I just took only three boiled eggs as my breakfast. I tested my sugar level after one and a half hour. The reading was just 76.

    I repeated this test for three days. The readings were 65(F) 56(PP) 78(F) 67(PP). My sugar level is very low below 70.

    Therefore, I conclude saying that Egg eating is good for diabetics. Egg doesn't increase our sug

    Members, your views and comments on my experiments on egg with diabetics.
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    Generally, we take a breakfast that includes some carbohydrate like Upma, Idly, Dosa, etc. These items include less proteins and more carbohydrates and thus provide initial energy for the day. But eggs contain mostly proteins and little fat and if you eat only eggs your sugar level won't increase as they lack carbohydrates in them.

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    For that matter any light breadfast may not give the high values of blood sugar levels and for the first time I am coming across the fact that the eggs are not giving rise to blood sugar. If that was the case then people would be after the eggs to keep their medical bill under control. I think the author must have taken the preventive medicines before or the course must have been taken and that is now working well. Because what I heard that Ayurvedic and Homeo medicines on sugar level control works late and if that kind medicine was taken by the author then that has been woring on his body now.
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    It is quite interesting to know about the author's experiment. But sometimes, an experiment may be harmful. So, it is good to have suggestions from other people, preferably qualified doctors, also before going for any experiment.
    Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) is good for
    diabetes. One spoon-seeds may be consumed in the morning or before sleep. Its oil is more useful for the patient. All beans - vegetables are good for this disease. These beans help to maintain the level of sugar.

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    You need to take some precautionary measure so that the blood sugar does not go beyond range. Though eating of eggs is good in the sense that it doesn't cause spike in the sugar level but such a low reading cannot be achieved alone. One needs to take some form of herb such as Giloy. Tulasi Leaves, Aloe Vera juice etc so as to control the same effectively.
    A diabetics should always be careful in the selection of food stuffs. They are to avoid sweet items.

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    You did a good experiment. But sugar levels are very low. What I suggest is you take some other breakfast having some carbohydrates and then check the sugar levels continuously for three days. Even then if the readings are low, I suggest you consult the doctor and follow his advice. Very low sugar levels also are not good.
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    I think you would come to a decision after consulting and discussing the matter with an experienced diabetologist.
    Many times we get carried away by some deceptive results or observations. However there are established studies also. An experienced and current diabetologist will have better and authentic knowledge in this regard.
    So I do not want to take any wild guess or spread half baked 'expertise'.

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    Any isolated medical experiment will not help to reach any conclusion as they are to be undertaken on a basis of the total food taken during 24 hours and monitoring the result for a few days continuously. Then the same thing is to be experimented on a number of people to increase the sample size and get some results in a pattern which can be acceptable by the scientific community. The methodology of research is generally like that and all medical and scientific conclusions are based on such large scale precise monitoring of the effect of some food item or drug on a good sample size of human beings.

    Incidentally, egg is excellent source of selenium, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, iron and copper. Egg yolk contains more calories and fat than the white outer part and that is the reason that the calorie conscious people take only the white part and discard the yellow one.

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    In any problem related to any disease, it is best that we follow our lifestyle and food habits as per the advice of the doctor. As far as Diabetes is concerned, it is one of the most common diseases of today and it requires extreme avoidance of some foods. To maintain a healthy blood sugar level, it is not only your food, but you should take care of the quantity of food. Eating eggs is going to prove beneficial in many ways for health. Eggs are rich in protein and dietary protein helps in controlling blood sugar levels, yet they should be consumed within a certain limit. But the final decision should be taken only by the advice of the physician.
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    Dear Members,
    Due to the increase in the number of diabetic patients, the number of doctors who claim to be expert in diabetics have increased many fold. There are ordinary MBBS doctors who display a board outside their clinic as specialist in diabetics. Such doctors are half baked and prescribe the medicines they know. They mint money from the weak diabetic patients. Even specialists fail to solve the problems.

    I feel it good to experiment with a machine to check our blood sugar level daily at home after the different meals, and continue to follow the same food that doesn't increase our blood sugar level.

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