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    Candidates would be more concerned for poll day or result day ?

    Today the polls to five states are under the way and many have cast their votes thereby proving their importance of votes. For the candidates who are in fray, they would be having lots of apprehensions about the voter turnout, whether males voted more, females voted more or youth voted more. And over all voting percentage matters in each booth. All these factors give tense moments to the candidate and for them the poll day is important and more important is the result announcing day when the fate would be fully known?
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    A voter has to go and cast his vote on the day of the elections. He has to manage his time for that. So he will be more concerned about the poll day. Whether he will be in station or not, is one of his concerns. Once the voting is over, he has nothing to do. Counting will take place and the result will be declared. He has no role to play there. So he is not worried much about the counting day, I feel. Even for a person who is contesting and his supporters also poll day is very important and he will be under full tension like a student who is writing his examination. On counting day nothing they can do. They have to wait for the result to come out.
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    Elections are going on in five states. Who will win we have to wait till 2nd May. People are coming out of their home to cast their votes. In West Bengal and Assam, the polling percentage was good enough. A large number of polling increases curiosity in everyone and contesting candidates begin to figure out their calculations. But what happens when something reverse happens. Lately, in a booth in the Assam election, there were only a total of 90 votes in a booth but when votes were calculated total casted votes were found 180. Who should be happy about it? It often happens, you might have heard about such happenings too. In our constituency for parliamentary elections, 2019 total of 8k votes were found extra in EVM whereas the total number of votes-casted was something else.
    I am not very enthusiastic about election results. Which party comes in power doesn't stir me at all.
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    Voting day is a very busy day for candidates. That day is a very important day for the voters, the chief agents and the polling booth agents along with the candidates. He has to do all he can that day to get the voters in his favor and bring them to the booth and to do the huge work. So polling day is a very important day.

    But I have realized that counting day is more of a consensus for a candidate than a polling day and I was lucky to be a part of the election process. The candidate's mind shall worried wih questions, did he get all the votes he thought it was in favour him on the polling day? The candidate keeps asking himself the question from polling day to counting day. (In the present situation, the counting in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and other states, where polling was held on April 6 for one day, is on May 2) The ballot boxes have been resting in the strong room for about a month. There are guards but in some places I have heard that the bellot box is even changed. So for some days the candidate will have a burning sensation in the heart.
    The other worry was - will Counting Day miss his votes and go to other candidates, and the counting agents and the chief agent will not pay close attention? Counting Day is a day that the candidate is most concerned about. It is wrong to think that a candidate has nothing to do on Counting Day. On the counting day it will be a matter of self-comfort for the aforementioned agents to take on the task of motivating them to carry out their mission accurately. On that day, the candidate can go to all the counting desks and stay at the counting station for one or two rounds of counting. Only after the votes are counted will the weight of the mind be removed. This means that the counting day is also very important for the candidate.

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    Both of these days are important for the candidates. The poll day is the day when the candidates get a feel of the environment and situation and try to get the trend of votes through the interaction of their followers with the voters. It is a type of exit poll only. Sometimes they get some indications about the results at that time itself. Then comes the result day when of course the candidates will be making prayers to the God for their success. During the counting process sometimes ups and down might be there finally leading to the result giving the name of the successful candidate.
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    The candidates remain concerned till the counting of votes is over. On the polling day, the candidates may have to visit various booths to enquire whether everything is going on smoothly and if not they need to lodge complaints to the EC. They wait anxiously till the voting ends to know the polling percentage. If the voting ends smoothly and they are satisfied with the voter turnout there is a bit of relaxation for the next few days and again the concern starts when various media starts telecasting the exit polls. The candidates have their own calculations based on the situation on the ground and if it is different from the exit poll results then I think their anxiousness rise, though they do not have any option left during that time. On the counting day, they remain busy visiting the counting centres and also managing the media. Though they remain anxious till there is a clear trend, by remaining busy throughout the day I think their worries remain under control.

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    Candidates are definitely concerned and interested about the final favourable results. But for the results to become favourable, there need a lot of efforts and hard work and campaign. Hence candidates have to be really concerned and focused rom the day of nomination till the final results.

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    In almost every elections it is heard that EVM were changed. It clouds the whole process with doubts. In last Delhi elections MP Sanjay Singh of AAP uploaded a video that evm were changed on the way while being carried to strong room from polling booth.
    They also deployed their men at the gates of building where evm were kept and they could win assembly elections rather comprehensively.
    In Buhar elections some irregularities were reported. Similar news creates doubts.

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    For the contestants both the days are important since their fates are to be decided seeing large volumes of the voters. They would be happy to see the that a large portion of the people have turned up in the polling booths. However, the percentage of voters for voting in favour of the contestants is exactly known and this is really the cause of the concern for the contestant. Hence the voting day can escalate the tension and this will remain till the end result is on the result day. However, for the voters voting day is the strenuous day in the sense that there might be eruptions of unrest due to the frictions of the parties causing blockage of roads or facing some adverse situations. Once they cast their votes, they are relieved of the tension. They would eagerly wait for the result day to know whether the candidate for whom he has voted for has finally won or not.

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