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    Our rulers come from among us.

    Honesty is a virtue that everyone should take very seriously. Not only rulers, everyone should have this quality. How easy is it for so many people to be hypocritical and lie? We are ready to give up honesty alsofor the smallest things to become possible. Don't even our parents often tell trivial lies to comfort their children and put an end to some of their stubbornness? We came to understand that Western parents never lie to their children or grandchildren, even in small things or bigger things. The people will be at the forefront of honesty, who brought up by a honest parents.

    We lament that our rulers are not honest and free from corruption. If there is corruption, hypocrisy and lies in our rulers, we have met comfort in the fact that these traits are inherited from us -from the society- we belong to. How true is the saying, 'Every nation has its own rulers'? We have the right to demand that our rulers be honest and free from corruption. Shouldn't we also try to be honest? we can start a Honest living from our own families. Then we can follow a honest work-style in our social life as well.
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    I agree with the author. How many of us are really honest. The corruption starts from the people only. When we give only he will take the bribe. The tendency of many people is that their work should be completed. In this bargain, they never feel bad even if a worthy candidate suffers because of their actions.
    A ruler is also one among us only. So they will be also like us. Unless otherwise, we are honest we can't expect our rulers to be honest. As mentioned by Tamilnadu high court, when we sell our vote for a few rupees, a bottle and a packet of biryani, what right we will have to question a dishonest leader?

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    Honestly is a great quality of a person. Generally, a child is raised as an honest child if his parents are also honest. I see some small children steal or snatch toys of other children but their mother or father or both ignore this activity of their child or laugh at his stealing a toy instead of telling him that stealing is bad. How we should expect this child will grow as an honest person in the coming years.
    The author has focussed this issue on political leaders. Honestly, we like dishonest leaders who can fool us by their rhetoric only. We don't want any developmental projects, welfare schemes, new educational institutes, industries, employment. We want nothing as everything is O.K. If we are honest then how we can tolerate dishonest people in politics.
    If we want an honest leader representing us in parliament and assembly then we should see qualities of all candidates, if an independent candidate is honest then he should be given 'my vote' without thinking whether or not he will win. We should perform our duty as a voter.

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    Lovely thread from the author and the heading has captivated my mind. Rulers are not born, but made and they become more strong with the public support and seeking to end the misery of the public. Most of the rulers are not sincere in their duties and we are forced to change them during elections. But the fact is that they become rulers by seeing the weakness within us and not asking them the questions when they fail. If the rulers are failing in their duties it is because we gave them the long rope of continuing the service and they are careless to our woes and complaints.
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    Rulers are among people but with distinct qualities. Successful rulers are those who have the vision to lead people towards prosperity through their great leadership qualities. Honestly, of course, is an important trait of a leader that helps a leader to work sincerely for his people and provide them with basic needs. Corrupt ruler hardly cares for their people. He or She always looks for his or her vested interests.
    I think it depends upon the people to choose from the sincere and dedicated leaders and only vote for honest people. For that, it is also important that voters need to be aware of a basic thing of politics and economy that would help them choose a better leader.
    Furthermore, inculcating better character in children would produce better and sincere leaders. Providing better education as well as character build-up will produce better rulers and a corruption-free nation.

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    It's true and if we indulge in corrupt practices corruption is not going to decrease in any way. Just look around your locality and you will find corruption at many places. At times, the local leaders (municipality or panchayat) are so corrupt that they ask for money for a simple task. People do not mind and pay them bribes. These people who are habituated to pay bribes will also ask for a huge amount of bribe in their professional field. Just imagine what is going to happen if these people become peoples' representatives. The rulers are fellow human beings belonging to the same society, the only difference is they chose to rule instead of following. In a society where corruption is rampant, most of the rulers will also be corrupt and when it's time to vote people try to discard the more corrupt since in most cases, they do not have an option to choose the honest candidate. When a corrupt person is caught, instead of stringent punishment the cases are dragged and the corrupt person somehow gets bail. In a democratic set up the rules and punishments are equal for every individual but what we observe is completely different. The rulers enjoy all the privileges even if they are convicted and their punishment is lighter. The system has become such that nobody cares much about corruption and a large section of people indulge in corrupt practices.

    Just like charity, honesty should also begin at home and it's our collective responsibility to remain honest. We talk a lot about the corrupt practices of the politicians and our rulers but when it comes to honesty we hardly care. Unless we change, the rulers will also not change their style of functioning in corrupt ways.


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    Rulers are among us only and if people are generally honest then there are good chances that a ruler will also be an honest person. In fact if a ruler is honest it makes a phenomenal difference in the country and many below follow the trail set by him. One honest person on the top can bring miraculous changes in the system. The society is the breeding ground of these traits in people and it is implied that an honest and good social background will cultivate honest people in it who will further encourage others to follow suit. Our endeavour should be to build such an society.
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    It used to be 'Yatha Raaja, thatha praja'- meaning as the King, so the subjects people.

    But as times have changed, and in the modern system of governance say democracy, it has become" Yatha praja, thatha Raaja"- As the people so the rulers.
    This is what we see.

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