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    A second tier of skilled, efficient, and talented is essential.

    The primary responsibility of the authorities is to find successors who can survive the times. Those who reach each position in the name of succession and tradition alone, they does not have to be knowledge or leadership skills. The main reason for the leadership crisis is the inability to form a competent second tier. Those who go in front, have a great responsibility to create a new generation with a long view and vision. A leader must be someone who is capable of surviving all trials. It will increase the confidence of the people and the credibility of the leader. The main qualification of a king is his ability to take good care of his subjects and his commitment to it. May those who are truly qualified come to power!
    We can want it and work for it.
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    Many companies are having this problem of succession. Many seniors will not train their next level of people with a fear of insecurity. In my earlier company, my boss used to tell me if you want to get a promotion you should train the best subordinate of you to take care of your duties. That is true.
    It is the responsibility of the leader to train the next level people to get ready to take the higher responsibility. He should not think that these trained people will be a threat to them. That is a very wrong way of thinking. If my subordinates are able to manage the works even though I am not there, I should feel proud for that and I can say that I trained them in that way.
    Many companies in India suffered a lot including closure also due to this lack of second-tier competent persons who can run the show in the way it has to be run.

    always confident

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    Who is a great leader? What are the qualities of a great leader? These are two basic questions that need answers. It is a fact that the mindset of people changes over time. People who reach on top position have their distinctive qualities to remain in power. One of the leaders is a fatherly figure who takes all people together and treats his subjects as his children but people take him for granted and so over time mindset of people changes and it begins to long for a strong and authoritarian leader who can control all the countrymen by implementing strict and stringent rules.
    Generally, an authoritarian leader does not allow any second layer of leadership in the country. In this situation, only those aspiring politicians who really have the guts to make their way to the highest ruler emerges as the successor to the ruler.
    Politics is the game of power and an ambitious person can do anything to grasp the power. No matter how strong a leader is he has enemies among his close ones too besides external enemies. He might have a big threat from a snake of his sleeves. Father, brother, sister, mother, daughter, son all are killed for the sake of power. It has been a trend for ages. Some of the glimpses of this tug of war to get the throne.
    - Mahapadma Nanda was Mahanandin's son from a Shudra wife , he killed all his brothers to claim his supremacy on the throne. This was not just the end of the Shishunaga sons but also the end of the Shishunaga dynasty as Mahapadma Nanda started his own Nanda dynasty.

    - Ashoka, the Great Killed His Brothers to Claim the Magadh Throne

    - Bimbisara was imprisoned by his own son Ajatashatru. And Ajatashatru's son Udayabhadra killed his own father Ajatashatru for the throne.

    Fratricide had been a common tradition in old ages and it is continued. Everything is fair for power.
    However, nobody can stay on a throne forever, one day everybody has to leave his throne.

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    The author raised a very important issue that has been dogging us either directly or indirectly. There is a scarce of skilled labor in our country and those who are award of it are not passing the same to others. And those who know some specialized skills are not coming out and sulking with shyness. One Bengali person had the skill to turn the brittle paper to new life and therefore through his chemical treatment the old books in libraries can be treated. But unfortunately he has not told this secret to his wife or any family members and thus when he died the talent of that business also gone. Many were fuming at him after death as he has not revealed the secret of the business and thus his family was left in lurch. So who ever has special talent and skill, that must be passed to the next so that the things gets going for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We could come across many competent people having exceptional quality to manage any technical job within the specific time with their own skills. Such people ultimately become darling to their bosses and in case of emergencies, they are summoned wherever they are. To that extent, it is alright but in case of their leave, the same job may suffer due to lack of speciality of undertaking the same job.
    The management would request such skilled workers to offer training to other ones, but they would not bow down before the boss sometimes. They would not like to pass on the same to others easily. It is definitely a wrong concept but for them loosing their skills making the same public would mean they would loose respect in their field.

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