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    Human traits are more prevalent in animals

    I have been coming across so many videos on animals and on close observations I found that most of the behaviours are borrowed from the human being. In one video a monkey seems to share some information with his master in the ears and vice versa. An adult elephant pushes the young one into the lake to learn swimming. When a cat try to attack a hen, other hens come in support of it. These videos gives the strong message that animals also gather courage and good traits and probably imitating from the human beings.
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    The author's observations from the videos he has seen are very interesting. As a matter of fact, a human being evolved from animals only. We all know that human being is the developed version of monkeys. So there are chances a human being may have some traits of those animals. Generally, when two people are quarrelling with each other all other people stay there and watch the fun. Only a few people try to support one of the two. But animals in that respect are completely different. They will be one when there is a problem with another type of animal. That is a good thing many animals follow and a human being should learn. A monkey never kills another monkey. A tiger never kills another tiger. But a man can kill another man. Always a person tries to deceive another person. So it is good if we learn some good traits from these animals so that we will have a happy life here.
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    Animals are living creatures. There may be some similarities between animals and humans too. Humans are civilised but animals are not considered civilised creatures. But sometimes I think if we are civilised or wild Beast? How a man can kill another man. Does a lion kill another lion? Does it mean a lion is more humane than a human? We can learn some good lessons from animals. They also live in a group and are always united. They don't have different thoughts. They have unity in their activities. They don't go against their community. Ants can be seen how united they are. And also we live together, nevertheless, we have enmity, grudge and ill feelings for any human fellow.
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    My request to the author to correct the spelling of prevalent in the title of this thread.

    The observation of the author is good but I don't think the animals have borrowed such behaviours mentioned in the thread from human beings. They follow their natural instincts and act like any other similar species when in a group. We know that animals live in groups and naturally when a member of that group is attacked by another animal all in the group will come to the rescue. Animals have enough courage and act depending on the situation. Only the pets who are in constant company with the humans or those who are in a conservatory can imitate the behaviour of humans at times, not always. Animals who are living in the jungle never get the chance to have any kind of interaction with humans so they won't be able to imitate humans.


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    There could be many similarities between humans and animals. After all, human have evolved from monkey and the trait of monkey is very similar to human. But I disagree that animals are imitating humanity have borrower the trait from human.
    It is the nature and every animal and human act accordingly. You might have observed the nature of mothers love. Every moms love for her child is unconditional. It is similar even in any animal, a mothers love for her child is the same. Any animal who is a mother can do anything for her child. I have seen cat fighting with dog for her kittens, I have seen dog protecting her puppy from rain inspite of her getting wet and these are just few examples. The nature has been made in such a way that animals will learn to protect themselves and can do anything for her kids. Nature truly amuses me always.

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    As per the evolution theory, humans have evolved from animals.
    The karma-Janma belief in our country also believes that human birth is the last one and the most blessed in the series of births and deaths cycles.
    So it turns out that all human traits are only the result of evolution series. Probably they are a bit more well designed and humans are given a extra capacity of thinking, reviewing and remedying.

    However unfortunately, humans behave and act in such a way to shame all other animals. So much so to shame and make the Creator regret about his last creation .
    But the hope is from the Bhagavat Gita verse which starts 'Yada yada hi dharmasya glaanirbhavatu......." . This is an assurance that whenever there is a decline o Dharma and Adharma takes the command, then Lord Krsihna will take a new Avatar to set right and bring back Dharma in the world.

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    My view is completely different on this matter. Are human trait more prevalent in animal or vice-versa? As I felt, human is behaving like animal day by day. And on the other hand, the animal is being humane. New generation people are cheating to other people. One man killing another man in greed. Whereas, the animal never kill another animal of the same species. Animal always tries to protect an animal of the same species if someone tries to attack them. They are more humane compare to a human being. Here, I'm sharing some observation regarding the feeling of humanity in the animal. I like to feed the cow. Whenever a cow comes to my house entrance gate then I give something to eat.Believe it or not, I just contact with eye and indicate with finger to come to my house without making noise. I became surprised by seeing her disciplined manner. I think many things in our life which need to be learned from animals for e.g- make a queue, unity in an adverse situation, protecting nature from enemy etc.

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    It's all about emotions. Whether it is a human being or an animal, both are divine works, in which there is a lot of accumulation of emotions. Some feelings are caused by birth or by self-immolation and some emotions are generated by us or our experiences force us to develop those feelings. But some trends also show a big difference between the two, humans are not so targeted towards their prey as an animal is. The author's experience and observation in this direction have been done very finely, as the author said that animals also imitate humans, this is true and practical, which is considered to be the biggest example of monkey. On the other hand, if we talk about a dog then we will find that it is more honest than human. Man is also a type of creation of nature, but man has relatively more capacity for intellectual development, and hence man is a more developed animal.
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