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    Actors getting corona positive and its after effects

    In the recent days there are many Hindi actors who have been tested positive and chosen the home quarantine. But the fact remains that those who have contacted her also need to test and thus it becomes cumbersome exercise and even one is missed in the chain , the virus spread would be great and not controllable. Actress Katrina Kaif who was tested positive has appealed all those who met her in the recent past to go for corona testing immediately. How long we are going suffer from such interventions not known to us.
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    In film industry during shooting there are many people who come in close contact of each other for prolonged shooting hours and there could be spread of infection from one to other. This is a big problem as the quarantine period will make them immobile for further shootings for at least a fortnight and film industry is a place where time is an important aspect as schedules are there planned for a long time.
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    Many bollywood celebrities have like akshay kumar, alia bhat, ranbeer Kapoor etc have tested positive now and even in past. They mostly have to be out on shooting and have to work with multiple people so getting affected is very easy. No matter how much safety precaution is taken, even a single miss is gonna affect them. Even if not out for shooting, they have a casual attitude that life has to move on and so they will be seen out and thus contracting the virus becomes easy.
    Once anyone announces they have tested positive, people who have been primary contact with them should be pro active and get their test done and should also quarantine themselves for a couple of days even if the report is negative because chances are report might be positive after few days. Only this can break the chain or the cases will increase to a very high level.

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    When Covid started spreading in India,states like Kerala started a very good system of contact tracing. They started tracing and recording the primary and secondary source and contact cases ad take proper measures as quarantine, hospitalisation etc as needed.
    By and by we gradually relaxed and became indulgent and became lethargic and less strict. That is why the spread is now pervasive and difficult to control. We are treating the pandemic as casual and less serious and have a wrong sense of overconfidence.

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    In fact the contact tracing was totally followed when Jamat members detected positive in Delhi and they spread elsewhere.
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    Any small incident which is related to any celebrity becomes a news in media. Thousands of farmers are still sitting around Delhi boarders but there is no such news. Their interaction with unknown people is quite obvious but they are safe and sound.
    If you have fever, and if you get tested, they will take you to hospital, it may create doubt about being positive. It happened with my elder brother, he remained about ten days in hospital, his report came negative.
    Now, it is again spreading across the country. It is a matter of concern if it is spreading. Why this virus cane in India.? Mainly these foreigners who came in India brought virus with themselves. Some people attribute it to Namste Trum where hundreds of foreign people came and stayed with thousands of local indians. They were physically close and virus spread but some people, especially media, spread this news that Jamat was responsible for this spreading but later on it was clarified even by more than one high courts that it was not spread by jamat people. And for spreading false news about jamat some of the news channels had to offer apology on air.

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    I could not quite understand the difference between a celebrity and others who are tested Corona positive. I think it would be easier to trace the contacts of the celebrity rather than a common man. I understand that shootings during the pandemic spread were conducted in strict adherence to the COVID protocol unlike the unregulated wanderings of the general public. And I don't think the virus differentiate between a celebrity and a common man while entering the body.
    What I mean to suggest is that this topic could have been discussed generally rather than concentrating on a particular group. I wonder whether we would be discussing the effect of politicians, government officials, daily wage labourers and so on being tested Corona positive separately.

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    The more the Corona cases are increasing, the more the carelessness of the people is increasing. Even after 1 year, people do not understand the horrors of Corona. Whether we talk about celebrities or politicians or the general public, anyone can become a victim of this epidemic. Corona does not attack a person by looking at his position. Corona is a virus that is affecting every careless person. The more we protect ourselves, the more we will be able to protect ourselves from this epidemic. In a country with such a large population, we do not even know who is infected with the virus and who is not, in such a situation, caution is the biggest solution.
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    The wide spread of the Covid 19 is due to negligence of the masses regarding this disease. In the initial stage of Corona spread. both the people and the government were careful to contain its spread. That Cautiousness is now lacking and now they are tuned to the normal environment without wearing any mask and moving outside.
    It is applicable for both celebrity or otherwise. If such a situation persists, this disease would be rather uncontrollable.

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    My fear is, by seeing the corona positive in cine Actors, big shots, rich people, etc., the reason behind corona is not uncleanliness or poor hygienic etc., There must be something more than that. It is believed most of the people living in the village circumstances found with minimum percentage of corona which highlighted the pollution free and airy climate, above all unchanged food style. But when we live in towns, cities the necessary steps to protect ourselves, irrespective thinking ourselves as highly immunized, to follow mask wearing, keeping social distancing, avoiding unnecessary moving out etc.,

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    A celebrity is also a human being. The virus will definitely behave in the same way with all. Wherever and whenever a chance comes the virus will utilise.
    Really tracing the people who met a person who tested CORONA positive is a hectic job. Last year in the third week of March, my friend travelled from Chennai to Rajahmundry on a train. Oneday two police came to hid house. They inquired about his health and told him that a person who travelled with him in the same compartment of that train was tested CORONA positive. So they asked him to get tested. They told him that he should be in-home quarantine for 14 days. Everyday health workers used to come to his house and noted down the temperature for 14 days.

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