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    The process of innovation creates new designs and modified products

    For making a place in the business world many innovators and entrepreneurs are coming up with newer and newer items to be used in our homes or workplaces. Most of the items are based on the basic intention of ease of use and reduce hassles. I remember when we were in our student life we had only one type of glue to stick paper or other such things and that was in a thick paste form either white or light brown in colour and was considered a precious thing in a household and was used sparingly. In its absence the housewife used to prepare a paste of wheat flour and cook it and give it to us for sticking and of course at that time many people used this wheat flour glue for making paper bags etc as the normal liquid glue was costlier. Later, we found that all type of glues were introduced in market ranging from the traditional one to the thick lipstick type design which one can take easily carry with one self while on the go. It is same old glue but now available for children in different colours, smell and what not. Over and above this we have self adhesive stickers like Post it slips, bag fasteners, stickers and all variety of items using the various types of adhesive glue in so many ways. Can you think of any other item of our daily use where such modifications and innovations had taken place? Please share.
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    I have sen that in my kitchen as earlier we had only a knife to do our job but now for peeling or chopping a particular vegetable I am finding a new accessory and there are so many of them that if you buy a new one you feel that that is the best thing for doing the job but then another better one comes in the market and our kitchen is becoming in fact a clutter house. So many versions are available in the market that it is difficult to select one.
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    We are in the age of competition. There is tough competition in the business world also. Manufacturers creating a different type of items to flourish their business and maximise profit. The author has given the example of glue that was used in his childhood. It is very true now hundreds of types of glues are available in the market. New companies are coming up to produce all type of products.
    I remember when I was just eight to ten years old I used to eat Annapurna Biscuit. It was my favourite biscuit. Now it is not available. Time changes everything. Hardly few things stay in the market for a longer period. Bata was the best shoe company but now it has lost its charm.

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    There are many developments. Many new products came into existence. These products are very useful for us and very easy to use also.
    We are all using ballpoint pens nowadays. Many of them are of use and throw type. But how many developments have taken place to come to this stage may not be known to many of us.
    A tool was made to write on a paper by Egyptians in 2000 BC. It is known as Reed Pen. later on, in 600 AD, Europeans made a Quill Pen using bird feathers.
    We all know the fountain pen which came into existence in 1827. In this type, we have many models developed. Initially, we were filling ink in with an ink filler. Later on, the pen itself is provided with a mechanism for filling the ink. Then the era of ballpoint pens came somewhere around 1888. There are many changes in these pens also and presently the use and throw are being widely used.

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    Using modern items to improve the functioning is good rather than replacing. In many houses the stone grinders thrown out of the house once entry of Mixie/Grinder is made, Once electric power came, we discard torch lights, once fan come into usage, we threw away hand fans. But my suggestion is the modern innovations should be used as improving utilities rather than replacement. I read in one North Indian newspaper, an educated son of a black smith did a novel thing after his twelfth standard education. He used his old cycle for pumping air into the bellows of his father's blacksmith foundry to blow air for blowing fire instead of wheeling the same by hand. His another friend used his cycle to rotate the wheel of potter at his father pottery.

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    For that matter every big company makes investments on new innovation and changing the designs so that the product gets more attractive. For example most of the skin creams previsouly we used to get in round boxex and now the stand up packs are available and the future would be further innovation. Likewise the cooking oils used to be available loose and over the period of time the one liter pack has come and even five liter jars are available. Likewise to sell more the detergent and bathing soaps come with discount offer of either three for one or four for one free. This way the products are sold more.
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    Today, there is improvement and updated versions of anything and everything. There is a huge competition among brands and everyone want to be the best and find many new things or improve the old one's to stand out. There are many such examples which have been modified.
    Earlier, there were portable TVs, then cam bigger tvs and computers, now they have modified to laptops and lCD. TV come with smart technology, Alexa in built and many more. From just computers, we have laptops and touch screen laptops. This way if see anything and everything around us is a improvised versions only.

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    The things we used earlier have modified a lot over the years. The designs are modified so that they can be handled conveniently and with time the new designs arrive. Think of the schoolbags and the water bottles. During our time, the schoolbags were almost of the same design but of various colours. Nowadays, schoolbags of different shapes and designs are available. We used to carry water bottles having straps. Nowadays, along with such bottles, many other varieties are available which can be kept inside a specially designed pocket of the schoolbag.

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