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    You should decide whether your life is successful or unsuccessful, not the society.

    There is never a single goal in our life. Some goals are for our careers, some are for our relationships. We play many roles in life and try our best to prove ourselves better in every role. During all this, life is lived with both, days of struggle and also satisfaction. We learn a lot of new things and take new lessons which become a part of our life. We always try to be perfect during this time in every role and tries to make our life successful through our efforts. In such a situation, an outsider who has never seen or understood all the aspects of your life cannot give proper judgment about your success and failure. When it is only you who try to succeed in your life, then the final decision whether you have succeeded in life or not should also be yours.
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    I agree with the author that we have several fronts in our lives on which we struggle to win, now how much we are successful no outsider knows about it. How much we are successful we know it better.
    Life is full of struggles. This struggling never comes to an end till we are walking on this ground. And this struggling process is related to all people, it is not specific to a few people. However, as much big dream, you see as much struggle you are expected to face. Nobody can stop us from dreaming but merely dreaming is of no use. We need to work on the ground to achieve something to make personal life more successful, comfortable and meaningful.
    One important lesson I have learnt from time that we should not waste our time on useless doings and sayings. We get nothing except pushing ourselves backwards and we realise our blunder later when the opportunities have already been missed by us.

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    Life is a difficult journey where a person has to make his own decisions and take initiatives at the right time to achieve success in life. Personal decisions can't be left out on others, one has to be strong enough to be a good decision-maker and take decisions when you feel it. Society can affect one to some extent but one has to be determined s to move ahead in life and never make any person or society an excuse for one's failure.
    Never take people's criticism too seriously, people who are abusing you today, the same people will be praising you for your achievement tomorrow. The only thing is one needs to be strong and determined to achieve success in life.

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    It is true to some extent that we are responsible for our successes and failures. One correction is that society also has a role to play. An incomplete conclusion is reached when one looks at one's life from only one angle.
    My conclusion is that since man is a social being, society has a role to play in his success or failure. Successes and failures as individuals are not limited to mature people. We must also consider that the negative experiences and joys that he experienced as a child affect his life. Society plays a major role in meeting the learning, health, etc. needs of children in the marginalized category. Isn't society to some extent responsible for the failure of a child to grow up when the above requirements are not fully met? similarly, the act of the society received to a child in time and he becomes a success in reaching out, the Intervention of the society is a milestone for that child. So the society also has a big role to play in determining the successes and failures of one's life. Despite being born and raised in a non-marginalized essential capacity home, society's silent intervention follows him. That intervention also helping him to grow successful. So society is also responsible for the successes and failures of one's life. Community involvement is also a factor in the successes.

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    Success can be achieved through our hard work and this requires motivation and inspiration to sustain the same. You will be filled with energy only when the job at your hand interests you. Now the question is how we can get that level of inspiration to go ahead with the the job. The society or your surroundings will have positive influence on your mental makeup. To a great extent, your personality is shaped with the environment. Patience, thinking logically, perseverance, sustainability all contribute towards achieving your goal and success follows you. However, there are people having different explanations for their failures. Instead of blaming for your self, you try to pass it on others for the failures. This is not the correct way of evaluation of your performance. Failure, too , is associated with some genuine reason and this must be analysed so that you can curb the same.

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    That is true. Our success can be rated by us only. we know what are our goals. We know whether we achieved our goals or not. Other people may not know what are your targets in your life and whether you reached them or not they never know.
    My measure of success may be different from the measure of success of others. I got a distinction in my PG. So all my relatives and friends thought I am successful. But I thought I am not successful. I aimed for the first rank but I couldn't. Hence I felt that I am not successful. It all depends on the individual.

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    Truly said by the author that we are alone responsible for the success and failures in life and we should not blame others. They may help us getting the goals, but the try and the approach must be from our side. Unfortunately when we are successful in life, we are not revealing or celebrating the same with the others and when we are sad, we are sad and facing challenges, we tend to seek the advice and the help from others. Thereby our weakness is made known to the others. Therefore accept the failures and sad moments with the same degree to which we get elated and feel happy over good happenings.
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    Partially agree with the author regarding self-responsibility for success in life. But you should not be the decider.

    For example, you publicly declare that you are a successful social service worker and that you are devoting your all dreams to the improvement of the poorer sections of society and thus you are a successful man. But by seeing your actual activities in the area all are afraid and nobody is able to raise any complaint against you. Now my question is are you really successful in your life?

    Without the direct or indirect positive help from the society one cannot become successful in real sense. The binding rules and regulations of society teach us how to gain all positive characteristics while growing slowly in society. Those who can absorb all and act accordingly will succeed. Then society will decide whether you are really successful in your life or not but you alone cannot you can.


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    Society is a very important entity for most of us and many of our actions are done to keep the society in good spirit. There are many cases and circumstances when we tell lies instantly to others just to keep our reputation intact. I have seen many people who are working in private organisation and when they are fired and removed from the job (not because of their low performance or any such thing but due to lack of work in the company) then they say that enough was enough and they wanted to take a break and have some gap before they go for another job. These are the behavioural patterns that are so conspicuous in the society and to that extent our behaviour is modified to meet the expectations of the society. Interesting thing is that society does not help us in our success neither discourages us to do anything but we have a consciousness about the society to a quite high extent and we take care of it in building our reputation and getting bright reflections from it. All our decisions are to be taken by us even if we interact with so many people in society and ask their opinions. More the interactions more varied the suggestions will be but we have to use our prudence and experience for taking our own decisions. That is of primary importance.
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    Author is perfect, We all doing our work almost sincerely. Many of us even do our ill talking sincerely, Good deeds sincerely. But our all efforts with good intention reaps a good result and the success is based on that only. We should do our assigned work with diligence and the success automatically come out if we fulfill our target in a good manner. The success decided by others normally based on money only. A relative of mine who is well educated, employed in a big company with good designation but less salary comparing to others in his family. He has no identity in his in laws side because of his less salary. But he is sticking in that company because of his job satisfaction and way of respect received in the company. He considered this as success though his salary is found less comparatively.

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    I am overwhelmed to acknowledge this post and I want to express my gratitude towards the author for expressing his thoughts in a articulated manner.

    I want to share something which is on my mind - career goals are set with lots of aspirations and people work for it in every possible way but when due to certain circumstances, pressure and reasons, hindrances block the career path and it's the end of career goal. The person who was the aspirant to get dream job, the dream is crushed within seconds and results in ultimate frustration and dissatisfaction with life. Aspirants are completely scattered and they seem to lose all hope.
    I want to bring out the fact that education is a prospective path to follow. But education is a part of life. Education is not life. It makes us more organized and improves our lifestyle but at the same time, if we fail to get government job, we shouldn't lose hope. Private job ask for donations and there are some barriers. So, my whole point is to make is that we must do every work we can. Don't rush to earn money. If you want to earn money and self independent. Please, be patient and till right time what you have and make full use of time.

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    It depends on how you define success. You may think that reaching a target is a success and in that case, you are the decider whether you are successful or not. Society may have a different definition of success. It may be related to fame and fortune and if you do not have either of these two you may not be rated as successful by society. Though we all are social beings and it is not possible to live alone, it is also equally true that every individual should have their own choice. I think it's not important to decide whether you are successful or not. The important thing is to move forward. When you are unsuccessful at the first attempt don't think about what society is thinking, instead, think about how you can be successful at the next attempt.

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