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    Russian President Putin stays in power till 2036

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, an authoritarian ruler, has signed legislation and now he will stay in power till 2036. He had been in power for two decades. He had already been president of his country from 2000 to 2008. He had to step down in 2024 but now he has been elected till 2036, he will be 83 years old in 2036.
    Earlier he had served as Prime Minister also but it is said about him that he worked as a president despite being as prime minister. He has emerged as a very strong leader in his country.
    It shows one thing how a man can be so much ambitious to remain in power. They can take any actions against their enemies or rivals or opponents. If they see any danger for their throne, such rulers will not tolerate it and will go any extent to protect their throne. Being in power is as mandatory for them as water for fish.
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    When there was a news a few years back that the Chinese premier will remain in power, for the remaining time of his life, as the head of the communist party, the only party in China, then we were surprised with awe and amazement. Now this news is adding more amusement to those feelings. It is really very surprising and disgusting that instead of giving chance to run the country in younger hands, people stick to it even if they are in the ICU of a hospital due to old age ailments. It is a great mystery for me to understand as how someone can be so indispensable in ones country.
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    Mister Vladimir Putin has been in power in Russia for more than two decades. According to the newspapers, it was informed on the Russian government's own legal portal that Putin signed the law on Monday. With the approval of this law, he will now remain in the post of President of Russia after the current elections in 2024, after the completion of his current term. Last year, a referendum was held in Russia for this constitutional amendment. It was strongly supported by the people. He was also the president of the United Russia Party of Russia during his prime ministership, Putin has also served as an officer in the Soviet Union's spy agency for many years.
    Swati Sharma

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    I strongly feel that there should be an age limit for political positions also. A person may be much experienced and knowledgeable but the reduction of grey cells in our brain with age is a scientific fact and to honour that it is necessary to retire these people who are clinging to these high positions in various countries across the globe. They should give chance to the younger people who are more energetic and can contribute in real terms.
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    There is no end to power hunger. A political leader never bothers about anything except power. If he loses his power he will be upset. He will try all methods to continue in power. This is a well-known fact and comes from ages. Even in our epics, we read many stories where wars happened due to this power hunger. Duryodhana's power hunger made so many crores of people die. That is the heights of power hunger. Politicians never bother to kill others if they feel that by killing those persons they will get power.
    One exemption I have seen is Bharatha, the brother of Lord Rama. His mother got him the kingdom. But he was very unhappy and he doesn't want to rule the country and he wants his brother Rama to rule the country. He kept the chappals of Rama on the throne and gave powers to his brother Satrughna to administer the country. Such people are very rare.

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    Russia has been doing formidably well under the leadership of Putin at the helm of affairs. His relations with US, India and other countries need to be appreciated. He was instrumental to ease tensions between China and India during the border face off and his arranging meeting in Moscow has paved way for smooth deescalation of tension along the LAC. As far as India is concerned our Military cooperation with Russia is good, their cooperation in Atomic energy is also appeciated. And during the post covid the vaccination program has recieved the great thrust from Russia and India is also making their Sputnik vaccine for the world. This way the Russian President Putin has captured the attention of the world and this peace loving President should continue further and thus world peace would be sustained and remain calm for ever.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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