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    How do you make time to contribute in ISC

    Contributing in ISC is one of the best journey for the members. We get to learn many things, we get to discuss, we take part in contests and also earn. There is no other such platform like ISC. Because of this, there are many members who are active for a very long period of time while some members become inactive after certain days. The only constrain is because of the time management. I am one such member who gets active, becomes inactive and again gets active. Owing to other responsibilities and not finding adequate time, we take the back seat for ISC.
    I want to ask all the ISC members who are active, how do you manage time for ISC? Do youbgive some dedicated time or have you fixed any time only for ISC? Or do you check and respond when ever you get free?
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    Generally, retired people, part-time job holders and self-employed will not have fixed working hours. They can plan their work based on their convenience. So when they have some time they can open this site and work. Employed people may have fixed hours of working. So they have to work on this site before or after their working hours based on their convenience.
    Many people will have the habit of sleeping after having their lunch. I have no habit of sleeping after lunch. So generally, I start working on this site after my lunch around 1 PM. In the morning I will attend other works I have for 3 hours and then I will have lunch. Generally, I will be here for 2 hours and sometimes I will spend another one hour in the evening or night.

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    I do not accept that contributing to ISC is the best journey for members. There are many other things we get involved in. Participating in the ISC forums is no doubt a time well spent. As a retired person, I have all the time in the world at my disposal. I spend some of my time on this portal whenever I feel like it. I will be going through this site many times in the day but participate only when I like it. I do not like to respond to all the forum threads but only those I feel like.
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    I agree that ISC is a great place to stay and spend time with good and knowledgeable people. Whenever I have free time I visit ISC. However, there is no big issue for me to visit here because I am. a self-employed person. I don't have the obligation of adhering to the rules or regulation of an employer, generally, I remain on the forum till late at night.
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    Being a retired person it is easy for me to devote time in ISC but as I have other similar indulgences in some other sites also, I am not able to devote so much time here. Still I am able to manage about 3-1/2 hours per day here which is quite a good amount of time and I am able to contribute significantly in forum, Ask Experts, Information update, Resource response, and Articles sections. Out of all the places I am working I found ISC the only one where you learn while contributing mainly due to the continuous feedback from the editors. That is one plus point that I have observed and wanted to highlight here.
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    What I feel that if you can dedicate 30 minutes time in the morning , afternoon and evening that is enough to make a formidable presence in the site as the top 10 members of the day. For raising or responding to any thread 10 minutes is enough and therefore nine threads or responses can be done to score at least 40 points and that would make you one of the top five members of the day. But one should have the niche to answer the thread or raise the post. There is no hard and fast rule to be more consistent with many threads and responses. what ever you know just append the replies and get on.
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    I cannot say any one word answer for this. Yes, I am not in employment . In fact I started with ISC only after ceasing employment. But I spend my time involving in family matters, in Whatsapp communications, Print or digital news, etc.
    I am also involved in some community matters as I am an office bearer in such an organisation. So I had those events and involvements also.

    So mostly I get time to login to ISC towards evening or night. Some days I do not get time to visit ISC. As I do not use my phone and use desktop for such purposes, I do not visit ISC when I am outside my home.

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    Being a retired person, I don't have any fixed time for any assignment. Though I have much fascination for this site and I always try to contribute to my level best but still I cannot devote to quality time. However, one thing and the most satisfying one is my satisfaction with this site. I come across the members offering me enriched knowledge with their thoughts and I get a lot of inspirations. Normally, I cannot afford more than one hour thirty minutes in this site but that too is not one lot. Whenever, I get time from other activities, I log into this site to see how the remaining members are enjoying with this site. Needless to say, I get a lot of satisfaction and amusement with ISC.

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    For me, ISC is a platform that has become an important part of the daily routine. After waking up every morning, I am not in a hurry to check my mobile as much as to login to ISC. As far as time is concerned, for me it depends not on the time but on the mood, because to work on ISC, it is necessary to wake up the author within us at that time, only then we can post or reply to the thread. There is no definite time, but it is my effort every day that I keep giving my contribution here continuously.
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