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    It is grossly unfair to talk ill about late and great leaders

    EVR Periyar was a great social reformer. He might have been an atheist but he was the backbone of tremendous social reform in Tamil Nadu.

    Today, if Tamil Nadu has already reached the magical figure of almost 50% enrolment in higher education, it is largely due to the teachings of this leader, who advocated mass education cutting across all social classes.

    Tejeswi Surya, the BJP MP has made a totally inappropriate remark that the BJP has entered Tamil Nadu to make Periyar irrelevant. This has already hurt the sentiments of millions of people. Such ridiculous statements are totally uncalled for.
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    We do respect the tall leader Periyar because he fought for the rights of the under priviledged and that was the need of the hour then, but at the same time he talked ill about the Brahminism and even tried to garland the Gods stautes with his shoe garland. If a leader was great, he must be leader for the all in the society and not the selective. If BJP is telling to forget the happenings during Periyar time is because of the fact shared above. Much of the Brahmins were even afraid today if the DMK comes to power as most of the Periyar cult is present in them and they would certainly close the temples across the state. We are not against developing the standard of living of the poor but not at the cost of suppressing the Brahmin culture which is feeding on their own and no help from the government of the others. So the author need to understand this.
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    We should not make any adverse or insulting comment or remark about the past leaders except those against whom some CBI or NIA enquiry was materialised and they either died in jail or died after coming out after completing their punishment terms. For example, Lalu Prasad Yadav who is presently in jail and undergoing his punishment for the corruption he did. Once a crime or fraud is established against a leader then people are at liberty to make any remark though some gentlemen even refrain from doing that. These are the basic etiquette and manners that all of us should take care in our lives. If anyone violates these basic principles then it is definitely in bad taste and we should condemn it vehemently and should not bother as which party to he or she belongs.
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    I have also heard a lot about this great leader. His views were revolutionary which were liked and disliked by people. simultaneously.
    - He was against caste system. He opposed brahamanical supremacy in Hindu society
    - He advocated to give equal rights to lower classes. Be was against untouchability based on caste system.
    - He was anti Hindi. He thought that Hindi is the tool of brahamnas.
    - He was irrational religious rituals.
    - He was against idol worshipping and badly criticised hinduism.
    - He emphasised on social equality. He didn't believe in supremacy of upper castes.

    His views were liked by lower and socially marginalised section of the society. Why bjp leader has criticised him he himself knows it better.

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    It is normally unfair to talk ill about even late persons as well living persons. Everybody will face the consequences accordingly by respective channels. This is nothing in our side to talk ill on their actions. Good deeds all always acceptable to appreciate and this is automatically came from us out of our heart on feeling happiness over that. But the talking ill on others even bad actions leads to share their Karmas to the account of the ill talking persons. This has been told in Purana story. A king who tyrannically ruled his country one day on meeting a saint in the forest while going for hunting, realized his tyrannical activities and changed his mind to live honestly to others. He returned to his palace, told his decision to his Raja Guru and Ministers. On their consent, he handed over his ruling to his son, raised a separate palace in the outskirt of his reign and started living by helping all needy persons without minding anything as well minding himself as a earlier king. He offered money and things to the people who came for their daughter's marriage etc., Many people, though, appreciated his mind change and benevolence, some people continue to comment their ill talking on him by considering his earlier tyrannical activities. One day a blind person came with his wife to that city from some other city. Both of them as felt tired sat on the shadow of entrance at the earlier king's place. The blind person asked his wife which place was that they are sitting. She told. As heard earlier, the blind man started abusing the person. Suddenly, the wife shut his mouth with her palm and started to weep. Astonished blind man asked her why she wept for that king person. She replied, " I do all sevas to you since our marriage devotedly, so I have some extraneous power. Through that I got some inner voice. Accordingly, though the king person did many tyrannical activities earlier, by his good things did later by later, got reduced all his karmas which he accumulated earlier. The entire stock was just gone shared to all those who ill talked about him." By hearing this the blind man again asked her, "okey, but why you have to cry for that". She further replied," No, my dear! Because of your earlier karmas, you got blind in this birth and because of good karmas I become your wife to help you, But my worry is who will help you in your next birth as the last portion of the king person's karma came to your account".

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    It is not good to talk bad about any person. Even we should not talk about bad about a person who is living presently also unless otherwise, he did a harm intentionally to us. But how many of us follow this? A common citizen will also talk bad about the President of India even though he doesn't have any proof with him. Criticising others has become the order of the day.
    Politicians never hesitate to talk bad about the leaders belonging to other parties. That too during elections what these politicians speak is not known even to them. We can't change these people.
    As a human being, we have no right to judge somebody. We don't know why a person behaved in a particular way at a particular time. Without knowing the issue completely making an allegation and talking bad is never admired by anybody. If a BJP leader talks ill about a person who is being admired by many, definitely the party will suffer in the elections.

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    In a democratic nation, it is not unusual to critically evaluate the actions and sayings of deceased leaders. But if during that, anyone uses defaming language by mistake or deliberately to defame the deceased person, then that is not proper. That should be opposed, that also properly and if there is any criminal intent, the person doing the defaming act should be brought before law for proper and just punishment.
    These things undergo a change in perception over a time. Hence it is very difficult to form a stringent formula forever.

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    And why the name of such past famed leader name pops in during every election time is the matter to be discussed here and that proves there has been reason to say against.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author that it is unfair to talk bad about late leaders, there have been many great personalities of our country who have done everything possible at their level, but sometimes some people start giving wrong comments about them as well. We have not only been given the right to speak so that we can take advantage of it wrongly but also because we have been able to take right and fair decisions. In this way, people make their own image tarnish and spoil it by making negative comments on the people.
    Swati Sharma

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    "Much of the Brahmins were even afraid today if the DMK comes to power as most of the Periyar cult is present in them and they would certainly close the temples across the state".

    I don't know much about south indian politics, I would like to have some clarification for your above quoted statement.
    - Has DMK ever ruled Tamil Nadu in past? If yes, then:
    -Did they persecute Brahman people in the state?
    - Did they close the temples for Brahmans?

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    We are the Brahmins and our relatives stay put near the temples and they live through the work of preist and other temple related work and they know when the DMK was in power, the temples were not getting the funds nor the maintanence done and only during the Jayalalithaa regime the funds were given to restore the old temples and daily rituals are done. Surely DMK is not the supporter of Brahmin culture and hence what I said is the fear factor among the Brahmins and that party never given the assurance that our cult would be given safe and security of life as the lower rank are bound to disturb the fabric of peace.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author says we should not talk ill about late and great leaders. That is a piece of good advice. But can we talk ill about the leaders who are now active in politics for no reason. Can we decide that all actions by a particular leader are good and by another leader are bad. Whether we should go by the name and the party or the good and bad actions of the individual.
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