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    Is our life a celebration or a mourning journey?

    Three friends lived in a village. No one could see them except with a laugh. No one saw them sad or crying. One day one of them died. They were still laughing. Then the villagers asked them: "How can you laugh when one of your dear friends is dead?"
    Laughing friends said: "We had a bet - about who will die first. He won it. We are celebrating his victory."

    Who can make them weeping, to those who are happy, laugh, no matter what happens? Who can discourage those who find the lessons of success in every defeat? One laugh from one person will spread to a thousand people. Then they will laugh too. But the real winners and lucky ones are those who can be the originators of the first laugh.
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    All is in our hands. Whether we choose to be happy or not is our prerogative only. One should think that whatever is happening is for our good only. Then we will be always happy and we will be smiling only.
    My mother's father used to be always cheerful only. He never used to worry about anything. He is very casual in his approach and never serious about these world things. Even when he was unwell he used to nothing to worry about. He was always cheerful and used to spend his time very happily. At the time of his death also he was very cheerful and he died without any problem. Such people are very rare. He lived for 80 years. I have never seen him unhappy. He used to be smiling always.
    Some people will be always worried about small things also. For such people, life will move very slowly and they feel life is very heavy.

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    A good story has been shared by the author and has given a motivational message through his thread. It is true that one who has to be happy can keep himself happy in every situation and can also bring happiness in the life of others, but this art is found in very less person like the three persons mentioned by the author. . Life remains like streams of rivers, sometimes a big wave and sometimes a small wave will be there, but a well-skilled sailor knows how to balance the boat speed according to all waves and wether, only then his journey is successful. We should also have the quality of being happy according to every wave of life so that we live a happy life while being happy.
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    After reading this great contribution from the author my thoughts went to those people who really spend huge money and throw big party for their birthday celebrations. In fact we are nearing to the date of death by celebrating every birthday and our age increases. But no one gives credence to this reality fact and plan destination birthday celebrations. There are people who get worried over every birthday as to what for they are born, what are their achievement so far, did they help someone during the course of their life and why they are born at all. Instead of pondering over all these , let every day be good day, do good deeds to the people, and when the end comes to us it would be a easy death and not the bed ridden or the torturing one which is experienced by the many for their past deeds in life.
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    As the story suggests that these friends had decided to be happy at this so-called win? It may be possible for some people like these friends but it is impractical. Also, I don't see any morality in this story. All aspects of human life should be placed at their respective places and what the situation is or befalls we have to react accordingly. Laughing at the death of someone is merely foolishness or madness. If we see someone in trouble or pain or suffering we have to support him or console him or help him or what the best we can do to alleviate his pain or suffering or finding any solution to his problem we should do with our best ability and pure intention. However, if we are in any bad situation we should hide it from other people, reason is that who cares about us will rush to stand by us and those who are jealous of us or have Ill feelings about us will feel happy if we tell them about this bad patch we are facing.
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    If those friends had some contract like that then as per the conditions of the contract between them, their laughter makes sense though it seems to be a practical impossibility. The story is trying to bring out the fact that even in an adverse conditions we should see the brighter side and though the story had hyperbole and exaggeration in it, has been successful in sending the message across the readers. People who are practical and do not float in the sentimental terrains in their lives, often are capable to see the brighter side even in adverse conditions but everyone is not so smart and strong in ones convictions.
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    The story gives a message that we should remain happy in every situation. But I don't think that it is possible and it should not be because happiness and sadness both are equally important. Chapter 18th of Bhagvad Gita also tells the same. Appearance and disappearance of happiness and sadness are like the appearance and disappearance of summer and winter seasons. We must learn to tolerate them.

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    This story gives us a thoughtful lesson that sharing sorrows would not attract audience since people want to shed such emotions and experiencing the same in the real life of tragic stories would not amuse them. Hence the the three friends we're giving messages to the public that laughter is the best medicine to pull on life. They never bothered for worries and for the death of one of his friends. They found the reason to celebrate even on the occasion of the death of their friends. This story is providing an excellent lesson that there is always the room for laughter if the thought process being aligned to a lighter vein as they themselves followed them.

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    I agree we should be happy always and keep smiling. But sadness is also an emotion. Crying is also an emotion. Everyone will have their ups and downs and for few people it might be extreme at ttimes. It becomes impractical to say we should keep laughing or smiling always. Sometimes, too many thoughts and worries will be piled up within us. Sometimes, it is really good to cry out and let out our emotions which is definitely make us feel light.
    I agree we should be happy and smiling during our hardships to solve the issue, but everytime doing this might do the harm also. And in order to be happy, we should force ourselves to smile and laugh and suppress all our other emotions which might affect us later.

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    Life is always a journey of hope. There will be many things in our life to feel happy and celebrate. There will also be many sad happenings in our life. If someone in our family dies we feel sad and mourn. Life is a mixed journey of happiness and sorrow. On happy occasions, we celebrate and on sorrowful occasions, we mourn.
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    Yes, the definition of life is a journey of our soul. You are free to survive in your own way. During the lifetime you are responsible to God to maintain your conduct as a human. Sorrow and happiness in life are common, but how you will devote yourself to society should be your choice. You should give something to society so that they can remember you in future.

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