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    The portrayed characters of movies in India are really found in society?

    We find movies released in this generation are quite different from what we find in the previous generations. In present movies, even lady characters were also shown taking drugs, alcohol, smoking, going to pubs in a normal way as it happening in a regular society. In some scenes Director will show, father seen drinking along with the son as it is a regular custom of the family. By showing all these things in a casual way in course of time people get accustomed to these things as it is the change in the society. Do you think all these things are happening in our normal society? Why Directors go for such crazy scenes in their movies to show the advancement of society in the future?
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    Many characters portrayed in movies can be found in our society. In my opinion, the directors and story writers see somebody and try to fit them in their story with some changes. That is why in many movies in the beginning it will be shown that the characters are imaginary.
    There was a famous politician in East Godavari Dt of Andhra Pradesh. In the Telugu movies by the name " Mutyala Muggu," the negative character is made keeping that politician in view. The movie was a super hit those days. The only difference is they will take a very rare one and show it in the movie and that will get spread across society.

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    The film world is in the show business and they would show such a thing which would not happen and create a sensation and further onward. Let it be hair style, dress and even the dialogue delivery style, the movies make their own style and it is imposed on the people. For that matter I would appreciate Satyajit Ray movies of those years where with no lighting and no make up the actors are shown with worn saree and that would give us the clear picture of real movies. In one of the Malayalam Movie Eli Pathayam, I have seen the director taking to normal movie making and everything was reality to the next door happening. The hero, heroine had no make up and the movie was made in the village background and that attempt was good and even won the hearts of the people and the award from the government,
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    Movies are a reflection of what is happening in our society. Scenes in the movies may not be prevalent but somewhere maybe it is happening. It may also be the imagination of the director. It depends on us whether to follow what is portrayed on the screen or not. I do agree it influences the audience to copy such acts but whatever may be the issue we need to apply our minds before copying them.

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    It is said that movies show what people want to see but it is not always true. What the director wants to show us we see it. Movies demand a huge investment of money. So, film producer and director focus on how to get their money back with profit, they keep their movie to show current social trends but they show the society which they represent and where they live in.
    Women of their society take drugs, alcohol, cigarette and it is nothing wrong for their status but in our society, we can't imagine it that our women are taking drugs and drinking. father and a son can drink together in their society but it does not mean that a large section of the society approves it but when it is shown in movies its ill effects also spread in other section of the society. Nudity, vulgarity and other ill trends are affecting young boys and girls very badly. We are required to bowdlerise all indecency shown in movies so that our children are not affected.

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    Movies are a part and parcel of society, movies are influenced by societies hence claiming that the characters of movies doesn't exist in real life will be completely unethical. It might be that the characters might not exist in the same society as the movie is released to. We are all aware of the influence of western countries into almost everything and how many of the young generation, who are the prime audience of these movies, idolizes the western world, therefore it becomes quite obvious that movie will portray these scenarios to attract them to watch these movies. Our society does not always have the characters we see but by seeing these movies We aspire to create such characters in future which can be evaluated as wrong as well as right. It all depends on the perception of people.
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    Two things to be noted here are: First, what is the condition of the society that is shown in the movies or what is shown in the movie, it becomes the trend of the society going forward. In both cases, the one thing that is most important is the viewer's own thinking. If in a movie, the hero is seen as powerful that he can beat 10 people simultaneously, but the general people of the society understand that this is happening only in the movie. Similarly, when movies are described, pubs or drugs, etc. as common, then the viewer should also understand that this is just a movie. According to my, a movie is only a means of entertainment, if it is limited to it, then it should not have any side effect on the public. It should be tried that children below the age limit declared in the movie should not show such movies in which drugs, alcohol, etc. are said to be normal.
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