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    Are you following the investigation case by NIA after the arrest of Sachin Vaze?

    India's apex body National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating the case of planting an explosives-laden SUV near industrialist Mukesh Ambani's residence Antilia on February 25, 2021 and the sub Inspector of Maharashtra police Sachin Vaze was arrested by it and after that a pandora box has opened based on the information by Vaze, items recovered from his house, some diaries, CC TV footages etc and more is on the anvil. A number of cars, SUVs, and a sports bike have been found which were used by Vaze in pursuing his illegal activities. NIA is really surprised and is at their wits end to find that an ordinary sub Inspector can go to such levels of luxury of staying in 5-star hotels with a currency counting machine and realising crores of rupees from the business houses and industries. There are many things yet to come and are appearing like the chapters of a mystery and suspense novel. The ex commissioner of police and home Minister of Maharashtra are also on the radar and CBI is going to interrogate with them about the money which is being realised in such illegal ways. Are you following this case? Any comment or remark by the members.
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    I am reading the news that is coming from various newspapers on this case.Vaze's supervisor, Param Bir Singh, the former Mumbai Police Commissioner, who was removed from his post recently, made a letter to CM that Vaze was involved in a scheme to collect ?100 Crore from businesses in Mumbai per month as demanded by the Former Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh. Deshmukh resigned from the post of Home Minister and he said that the allegations against him are false. Param Bir Singh asked the Supreme Court on March 22 for a CBI probe against Deshmukh.
    A local newspaper mentioned that Vaze was collecting money from December 2020 from various Hotels and Restaurants. He was ensuring no raids by Social Service Branch will be conducted on such hotels that pay money to him.
    As of date, nothing is proved. But it appears that some big hands are involved in this. With their support, only Vaze was doing all these illegal activities. Hope the truth will come out in the enquiry.

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    Nexus between police and politician is not new. Police are mainly controlled by politicians. The arrest of an inspector regarding a car and its owner's death is a mysterious episode but this case was normal as it happens frequently anywhere in the country but the way the media is highlighting this case there should be some specific reasons behind it. I think the truth should come out.
    When police and ATS are there why NIA is doing an investigation, several political leaders have raised their fingers at it.
    I have not been following this news. I have come to know now that Home Minister has resigned from his office. I think this is a bold step of the former home minister of Maharashtra, else these politicians do not resign from their post and office.
    Politics is a dirty game. Political vendetta also plays an important role in politics. Politicians of different parties are always active against each other.
    Anyways, I hope the truth will come out.

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    A simple question. If Vaze is a seasoned criminal and has the support of politicians of the ruling front in Maharashtra, would he be so foolish enough to plant a vehicle laden with explosives outside the house of none other than Mukesh Ambani? The whole thing appears to be a drama and I don't think I have to spell out who is behind the script. Vaze appears to have been bought and the truth may or may not come to the fore due to political interests.
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