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    A poor man was beaten for not wearing a mask properly

    Should our police force not be called to book for showing cruelty against poor people?. An incident happened in Indore in which a 35-year-old poor rickshaw driver, Krishna Keyer, was beaten up by two police constables on the road in Madhya Pradesh. However, both the policemen- Kamal Prajapat and Dharmendra Jat have been suspended. In the video viralled on social media, these two policemen are purportedly seen thrashing the man on the street even as his teenage son and some women beg for mercy. It is said he was on his way to the hospital to meet his father and his mask had slipped off his nose. The policemen caught him and insisted that he come to the police station with them; when he refused, they started beating him up. His son was crying for help but nobody came to support him and these policemen kept on beating him.
    It is also said that their senior officer has said that the video was edited to tarnish the image of the police.
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    Many times we hear such news. In India law is tough only with poor people. Powerful and rich people will never catch the eyes of the police. They can commit any number of mistakes. Police will support them. These police will get whatever they require from these powerful and rich people.
    The case mentioned by the author is an example of the highhandedness of police people. It is good at least the concerned police were suspended. The police are supposed to safeguard the people from evil forces. Fencing is supposed to the crop. But what happens if the fencing itself eats the crop. This police behaviour is like that.

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    Yes, policemen must be booked for showing cruelty to anybody but unfortunately, such incidents are rare. Maybe because the video of the cruel incident went viral the policemen were suspended, otherwise, who knows the rickshaw puller could have been booked for some other charges.

    Here I would like to point out one thing. The incident mentioned in the thread says that the mask worn by the rickshaw puller slipped off his nose and that's why the policemen started beating him. Are the policemen tough on all those in the locality who do not wear masks? Though I do not support any highhandedness of the police authorities anywhere in the country, if it is found that there is a natural tendency among the people in that area not to follow the COVID-19-related guidelines then I think the police has to take some tough measures like instantly imposing a fine or punishment in front of the public so that others also follow the rules. The mask must be worn properly otherwise, the purpose will not be served.


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    The police excesses are becoming more day by day. The common man fears policemen. The government is also not taking stringent action on them. During the lockdown period, police brutality was evident all over the country. The police manuals should be suitably amended to see that the public is given respect due to them.
    If some people do not follow the covid guidelines, they need not be beaten. They can be stopped and made to understand the danger of not wearing masks. The police should not be allowed to beat the public.

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    that is so cruel ,even if the person would not wear the mask yet police should not beat him like that
    people should be educated and empowered to ask question whenever this kind of accident happen anywhere in the country
    that guy was poor , weak and uneducated as well as our society as a whole is selfish and do not want to help any other

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    This is really unfortunate that these types of cruel incidents are happening and that too in the hands of the police who are supposed to take care of the poor and destitute when some criminals attack or offend the poor people. This is the irony in our system that is yet to be resolved through the good and honest governance. Another thing which is also linked to this incident is that sometimes some influential people in the Govt whether they are in politics or administration take advantage of the police forces under them and use them to silence some people who are raising voices against their dishonest and corrupt practices. We have seen these things happening in past and recently we are seeing it happening in the state of Maharashtra in a big way where police has done so many such activities and the whole nation is pained to see that and we all bend our head in shame to witness such a large scale damage done by the police cadres. An ordinary sub inspector of police is arrested by the NIA and now investigations are going on and many things are coming in light. So if police is given a free hand by the Govt in such a manner then they will not only beat a poor person but also to anyone they want to.
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    Yes, I have also heard about this news, but I have also seen many such incidents around me. Many times such cases come up where the police or any government official is seen using his power more on the poor. The real reason for this may also be due to corruption because the poor cannot provide financial assistance to any officer. Apart from this, some officials also take out their personal frustrations on the poor person. One day I saw a policeman in the market shouting at a cyclist and keeping him while other big vehicles which were not following the rules properly, were comfortably passing by.
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    Thanks to the social media that make such videos viral and help poor people to get justice otherwise, it is seen that most of the time, justice is only in the hand of money power and the poor just need to beg. The 2 policemen beat the man who was riding for not wearing the mask but has anyone or even the media raised their concern when rallies were called in the pooling states where people gathered in lakhs without following any protocol. We have seen all the speakers who gave long speeches for their parties just didn't bother to tell their supporters to wear the mask, keep social distancing, etc. When we have registered more than 1 lakh cases in a day, even our PM never bothered to address the precautions to be taken in such a worse situation. Why then is only the pro targeted? What is the action of the 2 policemen who beat the man just because his mask was not properly placed? The 2 are suspended but will when and another course of action on them? Hope the media cover such situations than just praising the party that pay them lumpsum.
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    This is really in a very bad taste if police had done such a thing with that poor and helpless person. Police should show their brevity in arresting the criminals, terrorists, and anti national elements and not waste their powers and positions in beating the poor people. If they do such shameful things then who will believe in police who will go to them for seeking help?
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    Always it is the record with the police that they chanced upon to chase and take action against the poor, becuase they do not know the law nor they were warned previously. Just because the poor is afraid of the police, they take lots of lenience on the poor for violating even small norms. In this case the police should have let off the poor person with warning that he should wear the mask properly and by beating him black and blue, they are now going to loose the job for high excess action. This would prove lesson for other state police to restrain from over actions.
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