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    Education is part of life not full life

    Education is a prospective path to follow and it's the only sole path to build ourselves in a holistic approach. Holistic development is necessary to be efficient in task to be done. By learning things, we can know and improve our knowledge about a particular topic.
    In middle class family, parents are controlling and children even if they are adult don't get the freedom of choice to live their life. Every decision is scrutinized by the conservative parent and the child's holistic development is hindered. This is toxicity. Parents demand to get a government job. If the child fails to fulfill the dream, education is stopped and the child is made ready to get married and after few years is even asked to make a family. This is absurd. Modern day parents are reformed and allow the child to have the freedom of choice.
    People whose education is terminated, don't get frustrated. Do start your family but don't leave your education. Study and learn in every possible way you can. If possible be secretive and hideous, and don't let your parent know that you still study. It's your life. You have every right to live. Don't get frustrated.
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    Education focuses on imparting the knowledge to a knowledge seeker and also helping in mental and physical growth. The author seems to be antagonist to conservative parents who systematically don't allow their young children to spend a free life, to let them do what they like, and let them choose their profession. The author thinks that these parents create suffocated ambience in a family. According to her parents force their boys to get government jobs , else they get their sons married. I don't say that the author is wrong but I don't have this experience. I don't think parents would ever ask their son to get marry until he has job or business to support his family.
    I think moral teachings should be provided to students so that they may become good human beings. Our child can get education in any school but good manners and qualities of good human are to be infused into the mind of the students and this is the need of the hour.

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    All parents will not be like that. There may be a few who behave like the way the author mentioned.
    As a parent of two sons, I never stopped my two sons to go the way want. But I used to tell them not to go on bad paths. I and my wife never forced anything on them. We admitted them to the course they wanted and the college they wanted. They settled in the jobs they like and we gave full freedom to them to select their partners also.
    But when the child is misbehaving or going on the wrong path it is the duty of the parents to warn them and correct them.
    In the olden days, some parents are stopping their daughters from going for higher education. But the days are changed now. Female children also are getting all the chances. Only in some rural areas and backward areas only children are not getting proper education I feel.

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    Education is an important aspect of our lives and that's why every parent focuses on providing good education to their children. The author talked about those parents who always try to impose things on their children and want their own dreams to be fulfilled rather than helping the children to pursue their dreams. This is not progressive in any way and hinders the overall growth of a person. Studying and learning new things is always important and it's a continuous process but one also needs to apply the knowledge gained. When you have set a target you need to reach the target and you must try your best to reach there. The situation may make things complicated but with persistent efforts, one can reach the target. Still, in some villages and families, girls are not given an equal opportunity like the boys as if girls are a burden to a family and we all should try to change this type of mindset. Maybe this type of mindsets develop because of some preconceived ideas and it is our collective responsibility to bring in the changes. We have progressed a lot but where there is little progress we have to take some initiative so that people do not stay behind.

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    Education and life are different, but they are co-existent .
    Education is like the light by moon or torchlight in a dark night. While life will go on as one cannot prevent night, one's life will be easy when Moonlight or torchlight is available at night.
    Education is thus an enhancer and expander of our mind and faculties.
    Even an illiterate can live. Humans continued to live in this word for many thousands of years before language and formal education developed. However education in its base meaning was always there. They had their education in guiding their young ones how to hunt food, how to build caves and houses , and later on how to do farming etc.

    Education is thus not just only a part, but it is a part of life itself for humans.

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    For that matter I have seen some people going on pursuing their higher education irrespective of the of the fact that what for they are going for better education against the wishes of the parents who wants to settle in the life and go for family way. i came across a person who is aged 42 keep on studying courses inside India and abroad and thus forgone the parents advise to get married and now he is without job and not cared in the family for being lethargic to his own life. What is the use of such big education which is not benefited the self in the long run. Though he has proved to be the best educated person for the self, but that has not helped the family or the society and how long a person would be burden to the parents when keeping on studying at their cost and not even thinking how to help the parents there onward.
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    I agree with the author of this thread. It is true that education is necessary for every person, but we need money to survive in life. We cannot earn money without proper education. Similarly, we cannot take higher education without money.
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    Education does not mean what we learn in the educational institutes. Anything that is learned by any means is education. We learn by experience, we learn by interaction with the others in society. By watching also we learn many things. Education is something that gives us knowledge. It need not necessarily be from an educational institute.
    The parents guide their children in their formative years of life. In the adolescent stage, the children do not have specific ideas about their future. The parents guide them with their experience and by watching the others in the society. The economical condition of the family also plays an important part in the education of the children.

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    I do not agree with the author. Not all the parents are like that. These days, parents are more supportive towards their child's decision and let them persuade what their children are interested in. And not all the dreams of parents can be fulfilled by a child. So just because of not fulfilling a dream, nobody will stop the education. I have not seen that anywhere.

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    The author is right that education is a very important part of life which plays an important role in life. Actually, life is a long series and in this series we live many small and big parts, these parts make our life a complete life. But many times people are adopting such a trend that they start accepting any one part of their life and they feel that not being that part will end their life when it is not. Suppose every part has its own importance but if there is any shortage in any part, then we can complete it through other parts. Some people are so stressed at times due to lack of a part that they start being thoughtful about taking a frightening step like suicide which is completely wrong. Life is a precious asset that we got after hard work, so do not make the mistake of considering it useless due to a lack of small parts or failures.
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    Education is is the vital component in our life and it starts from our our early life when our parents teach us how to behave with others, not interfering in other's-talk unless one is invited. There are so many basic lessons helping the kids to take right decision in their grown up stages. The ultimate effect of such education imparted by their parents make them determined, analytical minded and committed to hard work. Hence a right education at the initial stage is the essential component to develop the personalities of the kids. However, excess of it by imposing restrictions at every stage will retardate their growth making them weak in the decision making. Parents should encourage their kids to take up steps beneficial for them at the later part of their lives in terms of growth. This would enhance creativity among them.

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    Education is often seen as a means to get a job and support a family. Therefore, after getting a job, a group is confined to certain courses that are only for promotion in that job. The only thing that matters to them is their job.
    But another category is completely different from this?. They carry learning as a passion. They gain knowledge in each subject in each period. That knowledge takes them to great heights. In that way, they achieve success in their work and in their whole life.

    Some parents force their children to learn easy subjects to get a job. Often the child's desires are shattered in the face of this compulsive intellect of the parents. Moreover, some children go ahead with the version in a situation where they have to take a bitter tincture of uninteresting subjects, but without getting the intended result, they are subjected to parental abuse. So frustration makes them unhappy when they grow up.

    There is no end to gaining knowledge. Those who are interested in it can continue till the end of their lives and reach new dimensions. But it is also good to know that if parents' interests in education are imposed on their children in the name of making their children's lives better, their children's lives may be worse than better. Parents should take into account the abilities of their children when choosing learning subjects.

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