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    Let's get ready for rethinking ..

    The disciple asked the Guru: "When should one repent of his sins?"
    Guru: "Just before he dies."
    The disciple's doubt was not over. He asked again: "So, how do we know when we are going to die?"
    Guru: "If you do not know, then there is only one way, repent always."

    It is a greater sin when we commit a mistake and not think about it. The first mistake is natural; Repeating a mistake is intentional, knowingly committing a crime and carrying it on - is an unforgivable crime.

    There may be relativity between right and wrong. If you want to find it, you have to rethink what you have done. It takes extraordinary courage/mindset to think about one's own mistakes amidst the natural tendency to find one's own faults and the faults of others. Only then can the mistake be corrected. It also requires great willpower.

    Only repentance can lead to atonement. The soul becomes pure only when the soul melts. If everyone were ready for self-reflection and evaluation, the world would become God's Kingdom. If we knew when our last minute would be, will not everyone try to make the last days great? Since no one knows their end time, isn't it better to try to make every action better?
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    Very nice advice from the author, The next minute is uncertain. But we don't when our end will come. So we should be always thinking about our actions and if we feel that we did wrong, we should correct them then and there itself. Another thing is that we should not do the same mistakes again and again.
    It is the tendency of many of us to find fault with others. But we never introspect ourselves. It is a must that everybody should evaluate himself. Many people have the tendency of finding fault with others and criticising them. But they never bother about the misdeeds they did.

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    Mistakes are mistakes and one must take remedial measures after making any mistake. As the author has already said repeating a mistake cannot be considered a mistake and it's intentional, it's also a kind of indulgence that can provoke others to repeat the same mistake. Before doing anything, we need to apply our minds. Then only the chances of mistake reduce otherwise after taking the action we cannot undo it other than taking corrective measures. While thinking is a must before doing anything we also need to think about the actions that we have already taken. It's commonly referred to as evaluation. Self-evaluation is essential and by evaluating our every action we can think of corrective measures. If we do not do that, a mistake remains a mistake. Even when a person points out that mistake instead of correcting it we may look the other way. Therefore, rethinking is a must but at the same time, we should not overthink.

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    For that matter we should repent for our mistakes and bad deeds the same evening and even we should go for the damage control exercise. There is a saying in Tamil that Arasan andru kolvan, that means the king would decide the punishment then and there itself and Deivam Nindru Kollum, that means the God would give lots of time to repent and gives the lease of life to change and rethink over the past mistakes and misdeeds. That is the reason being so the Asuras or the Rakshas were given more time and ultimately Maha Vishnu takes avatars and destroy the evil totally from the earth.
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    Repenting for a mistake happens only when we realize our mistake. Most people do not realize their mistake and even if they did, they defend themselves and prove they are right. Even if a person is pointed out at his mistake by others, one should have the courage to accept it or understand which many of us lack because we are in the process of finding the fault of others and over look our faults. And when pointed out by someone, our ego hurts and we somehow want to prove we are right.
    If a person genuinely feels he is wrong or accepts his mistake, then without any doubt guilt will overtake him and he will apologize for his mistake.
    Now, I might sit and speak that one should accept the mistake, avoid making mistakes etc which anyone will do, but in reality most of us will definitely not follow what we speak. Few people deliberately do mistakes to hurt others or to satisfy they grudge or ego and defend themselves and try to prove their innocence. This is the harsh reality that I have observed in many.

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    Life is nothing but all the mistakes we committed put together. Some of the mistakes are committed unknowingly. We commit sins also knowingly or unknowingly. We may repent or may not repent for the mistakes and sins committed by us. It is indeed great to accept our sin and mend our ways.

    In society, there are many people who do not know what is a mistake or a sin. For them, what they feel right, they do. Most of them are ignorant of their wrongdoings. In such people, there will not be any realization, repentance, or mending their ways. Such people need counseling by others in society to know what is wrong and what is right.

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    I appreciate the author for writing on this topic. We do mistakes because we are human and no human is infallible. Everybody commits mistakes, so we do too but repeating the same mistakes despite knowing about the mistake is not expected from an intelligent person. If we have done any mistake which caused hurting someone then we should apologise to that person. We should refrain from committing such sins. If someone believes in the hereafter he will not commit mistakes and sins deliberately. What we are doing or saying is being recorded and the individual accountability will be brought to justice. Death is an undeniable reality, even non-believers or atheists can't deny it. Therefore, we should mend our ways before death comes.
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    This conversion of the disciple and the Guru gives a very big and important message that the end of life is an unpredictable event that can be at any time, so it is important that we repent of our mistakes as soon as we realize them.
    There are many types of people in the world -

    * Some people never accept their mistakes.
    * Some people accept the mistake and formally apologize.
    * But some people move towards regrets as well as repentance when they realize the mistake.

    When we accept our mistakes wholeheartedly and we feel regret that, how we made this mistake, only then can we stop ourselves from making that mistake next time. Making a mistake is a natural process, but to atone for a mistake is a sign of a great personality and we should strive to make our personality great.

    Swati Sharma

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