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    Today is world health day 2021

    April 7th of each year is celebrated as world health day. The first world health day was celebrated on 7th April 1950. From that year onwards every year health day is celebrated.

    This day is used by World Health Organisation to make all people understand the importance of physical health as well as mental health. In the present scenario of COVID, this day is having its importance to promote the importance of health. WHO feels that the health care services are not available to all the people equally. So they made the theme for World Health Day 2021 as 'Building a fairer, healthier world'.

    I wish all the members of ISC good health throughout their lives. Happy world health day to all.
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    On this World Health Day my best wishes goes to each and every person of this great world to keep hale and healthy. Because if money is lost it can be earned and if health is lost we cannot recoup and has to face the diseases and ultimately untimely deaths. The best example of how the covid virus was taken light by the people during the first surge and now facing the problem of really attacking them. When the vaccine was found there was ray of hope to every one in the world that the corona would be driven away. But even after having the vaccine the elders got affected and thus even died. Surely the WHO shuld be more organized and advise the member countries on such situations as the poor nations cannot afford one more lock down and they would be drowned altogther if such health calamity prevails.
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    Today is World Health Day. This day is celebrated appropriately, every year by the World Health Organization and various countries. As part of this day, various seminars and conferences on human health are being conducted. Apart from the fact that all this is going on as a ritual, the question remains as to whether there is anything special about this day. It is not clear that the WHO is trying to design a health care system that is different from the current traditional health care system. Convince a well-educated small community through seminars that include information on clinical trials and drug discoveries that year. Nothing else happens after that. This is to point out that more than 70 percent of the world's population does not benefit from this day's celebration.
    It would be to the benefit of everyone in the world if we could devise a design with a new vision that goes above the traditional way for the health care of this global community that includes the common man.
    In India, it would be good if the combined application of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani and develop a new system that combines yoga with traditional exercise to improve people's health.

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    World Health Day reminds all of us to review our priorities towards our health as well as the general health of the people across the world. Health is the primary thing in our lives and if we lose health then we lose everything. There is a huge amount of money spent by the world Govt on health measures and improving the general health of the people and that is the main motto that we have to keep in our mind and on this world health day we must take wow to observe good life style and good practices in our lives for maintaing a good health. On this important day I also take an opportunity to wish all the members a happy and healthy life in coming times.
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    Thanks for this informative thread. This day reminds us that every person should realise how good health is essential for an individual, society and even for the country.
    My hearty congratulations to all.

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    On World Health Day, I wish everyone a healthy life. It is true that every section of our society does not have equal access to health. Those who are living in a distant place find it difficult to go to the health centres since they had to travel a lot to find the nearest one. The healthcare system has improved over the years but the focus should be more on rural healthcare. In our country, a large section of the population stays in villages and if they do not have proper access to healthcare facilities then it affects the overall health of the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us aware of the importance of maintaining hygiene but people should never forget this. Cleanliness is required to fight any infection or disease and there should be more awareness campaigns everywhere so that it becomes a habit to maintain proper hygiene.

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