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    Do you believe the place at which an individual is brought up have an impact on his sharpness?

    Generally, an individual who is brought up in a city is more sharper when compared to an individual brought up in a small village. Similarly those who studied in metro cities are more sharper than normal cities in general. In the same way an individual brought up in a highly developed country will have an impact on the individual's sharpness. Do you think the environment in which an individual brought up has an impact on his sharpness? Do you believe in this theory of sharpness and IQ in individuals? Members, how will you explain saying yes or no to this theory.
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    I agree that sharpness differs between rural and urban area. But nowadays this difference is shrinking. Village guys are also very sharp but city dwellers are still more witty, active and sharp than rural guys. It may be due to their hesitation. I don't know if it's kind of a matter of self-confidence.
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    Initially there may have some influence and effect. But by and by that will not have much impact if the student takes conscious efforts and measures to improve (or spoil) himself.

    The rural- city difference used to be there as quite obvious and visible in earlier days. Mostly it used to show in the first year in colleges. But by second year a good student overcomes all those and becomes like any other student. Even a city bred student also faces problem when he has to live and/or study in a village place or small town. But he also overcomes it in due course.

    Today because of the penetration of TV, internet and other digital facilities, such differences are almost not there, except for real time exposure to crowd and fast life. This will be overcome very soon.

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    I do agree with the author that those who are stay put in a big city and has the grass root of education from the beginning are proven to be great and going. Especially those students who started studying from the primary section to the higher and even beyond have proven one step ahead of other students who are non-locals or joined the school for the academic year.
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    More than the place, the family environment plays an important part. In an educated family, the parents take care of their children's education and their progress. There are many instances of children from villages doing well. The teachers' influence on the students in the early stages of education is crucial.
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    The sharpness of mind, IQ, and other such attributes differ from person to person and depend upon many factors including the one that has been highlighted by the author in his post. Let us go in details as which are the factors that affect in the better emerging personality of a person and why some folks are better than others in many respect -

    1. Every community or tribe has a hereditary signature and it is natural that a person born in a particular family in that community will hereditarily acquire those inherent traits and they will be of much importance in his growth, intelligence, and other developments. Of course they alone will not be the deciding factors as sometimes other factors might mask this one and take prominence.

    2. Upbringing of a person in the family is one of the most important aspect which we have to consider when we assess a person for acquired traits. The role of parents is very important and primary in deciding that and I have seen some cases where though the person belonged to a remote area or a metro area the upbringing by parents always took a precedence and local effects were negligible and the person was moulded by the parents is something really remarkable and unbelievable.

    3. The place or society is in general also a major contributing factor as the person learns from what he sees around him. The society he dwells in, the people he moves with, the financial conditions he is going through all will contribute in making him a sharp or dullard depending upon his own traits for learning and acquiring knowledge.

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    Shaprpness might depend on the place a student is studying but is it only in terms of speaking English and other activites? Because, even in smaller cities, towns and rural areas, students are equally sharp. In fact, they have more knowledge and common sense than the students in city life. In small places, students are exposed to many tough conditions and are also bold and exposed to all the situation. This makes them handle things better and are bold. In cities, children are very much protected, with limits and conditions. They go to school, tuitions, and extra curricular classes but missing majorly on life lessons.
    So any place, children are sharp in their way. Child in city is sharp on terms of education and other activities, child in rural area is also sharp in education , is more bolder and can tackle situations better.

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    The environment always has an impact on our behaviour, though we can change it if we really want to change. If a child grows up in a violent family, it is natural that the child will become violent but with proper training and counselling, the child can become calm and non-violent. The sharpness of a student is gauged mostly through academic performance but that should not be limited only to academic performance. How you keep yourself engaged has a direct impact on your mind. If you are always under pressure you won't be able to do things according to your wish and your full potential will not be utilized. When your mind is free you can utilize your potential. The more variety you see, the more you can explore which keeps you active. Similarly, if you interact with a diverse group your outlook towards the world changes. All these things have an impact on the sharpness. The place that gives you such opportunities can make you sharper but that doesn't mean people living in distant places are less sharper. If they are shifted to a different place they can also behave in a smarter way by adapting themselves to the new place.

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    It is true that the atmosphere in which a student is raised influences his sharpness. The sharpness of a person growing up studying in a rural area is different from someone growing up studying in an urban area. His circumstances affect his sharpness more than where he studies. The most important of these is his home environment during the study period. We often feel the difference between schooling from home and studying away from home.
    Don't forget that those who do schooling from home are also learning life. But for those who learn from hostels, life experiences can be scanty. Therefore, his sharpness in life will be reduced. Instead, some good or bad actions copied from the hostel mates may follow. They will also be reflected in their lives. Those who grow up in the city tend to invent some modern customs at home. Many interpret it as a sign of his intellect. Is it completely a sign of intelligence? His life taught him that. He mastered different languages ??as he learned to communicate with his classmates. All these may be useful in his later life.

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    The place and growing up environment definitely contribute in making a person sharper as he learns from his environment only, the various practical and social things and learns as how to behave in a society and survive against odds. If he is brought up in a conducive environment giving him good facilities to learn and increase his knowledge then the result of all this will be reflected in his approach and behaviour with others.
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    Definitely, the environment in which a person was grown-up will have an impact on his/her sharpness. If in our house if we all talk English, the child will also talk in English only. The children learn by listening to others and observing others. In the same, the children will learn by seeing around and understanding others.
    I know people who were not doing good turned out to be the best when they were shifted from the place where they are staying to a new place. One of my distant relative's son was very dull when he was staying in a village with his brother after losing his parents. Seeing this, his sister brought that boy with her to a small city and admitted that boy to a good school. The boy did extremely well and he became an officer in a nationalised bank. The atmosphere should help the individual to have a pleasant mind. Then definitely the mind starts working very well at its maximum potential.

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