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    Literary trends reflect social conditions of the time.

    Literature means a collection of written works of an art form. It may be prose or poetry. Novels, stories, essays on topics of importance, history, and many others come under literature. Whatever form it may be, the subject is selected mainly from the observations of the happenings in and around the society.

    We have great writers past and present. They excelled in their own languages and many of the present writers are excelling in English writings also. These writers may eventually dominate English literature also. If we take writers of the past like Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, a Bengali writer very famous for portraying the lives of women and especially widowed women and their problems faced by them in the society in those days. Gurajada Venkata Appa Rao, a Telugu writer wrote very famous plays like Kanyasulkam(Price of the bride) in which the evils of society in those days were brought out. Similarly in all the Indian languages, there were and there are great writers who mainly choose the topics of their immediate surroundings, for the plot of their writings. We have great historians like Jadunath Sarkar, G.S.Sardesai, Irfan Habib, Romila Thapar, Ramchandra Guha, and many more. They wrote about the history of the past and present.

    The literature of any time gives us an understanding of the lifestyles, social problems, culture, and traditions of those times.
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    That is true. The books of yesteryears will reflect the social condition at that time. The social conditions that exist at that time in the area where the writer hails will be reflected more in his works. Even the epics that we read will also give us some idea about the conditions of the people those days.
    If we read Ramayan we will understand how much importance the rulers are giving to the voice and the feelings of the common man will be understood. Those days kings used to think that they are the servants of the common people and they wanted to see that they are happy always.
    Similarly, Ramayan tells about the importance the people were given to siblings. Lakshmana went to the forest with Rama. Bharata rejected the kingdom and lived a simple life.

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    Literature is the mirror of society. It reflects the social environment and people of that particular era a literary person takes all social aspects in his literary works.
    The author has focussed on history. But here history which belongs to literature is different from history which is taught as a subject.
    I have also read historical books and books which speak about history in English, Urdu and Hindi.
    Munshi Prem Chand was a greater Hindi writer. He wrote some novels also but mainly he was famous for his stories. He wrote about farmers' problems, hunger, pain, suffering, pangs of sorrow, how money lender snatched their money and confiscated properties. Facing the draught, hunger, famine etc all ground realities of the rural area was depicted in his stories.
    His literary work is still honoured as a great piece of literature. I advise non-Hindi people to read collections of his stories.
    I have watched a TV serial - Malgudi days, it is based on stories of a village. This collection of stories is amazing. Often, I watch episodes of this serial on YouTube.

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    The authors mentioned in the content are just an example. There are innumerable authors of the past and present who excelled in their languages. History is not focused. The authors of Indian History are mentioned. The history books written by historians are the basis of the History subject taught. The depth of the subject varies. The famous books in regional languages are translated into many other languages and are widely appreciated by the reading public.
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    Literature not only gives us factual knowledge, but it is a medium that can prove to be helpful for us to way to live a life. When we study the literature of our history, then it is known that what kind of life our ancestors used to live, and today the same man has slowly moved forward on the path of progress. Some of today's youth find literature boring but the fact is that they may not be able to recognize the true form of literature. Literature is the point of beginning of any field, without which, perhaps we will not be able to understand the current point of that field.
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    Very true. Literature is the reflection of the society and its ways at any instant of time. Great writers have created their works out of the social stigmas and social evils and in this context I remember the name of Munshi Prem Chand who had depicted the social evils so nicely and vividly that readers still enjoy those works even on today and there are so many learning elements in them.
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    It is the fact that the authors who are the regular writers, do connect with the nature and by virtue of it they also connect with the social conditions of those time. For example if the literature is on the village drop scene, surely the author would go into the deep life of village happenings and would pin point and even share sketches that would portray the village life as the morning mist, the cows going for the grazing, the farmers going to the fields, the children playing in the fore court of their huts and so on. And before every hut the fire wood would be seen burning signifying the preparation for the morning food.
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    If we go through the History of the world and literature of those times we will find a lot of interesting correlations between them. The scholars and writers of that time expressed their feelings through the contents produced by them on various matters and though some of them might be of academic nature but many of them contained the social conditions, rituals, ambiguities, highlights etc of that time. The persons who are interested in doing research about those times and want to get the information go through the same literature which was created by the writers of that time.
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