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    Trust the Covid-19 vaccine - nothing to fear about side-effects, take the jab!

    Last year when we were discussing the pandemic and the hope of a vaccine, I had expressed my apprehension about their efficacy. When the vaccination drive finally started, I eagerly waited to know how effective they would be. As more and more people took it and shared their good experiences , my apprehensions abated. A lot of misinformation and wild rumours started circulating about the side effects of the vaccine, how horrible it was, etc etc. Guess what? It wasn't that horrible at all! Yes, I did take the vaccine, and here's my experience.

    On the day I took the vaccine (Sunday), I did not have any problems. I was given two tablets, instructed to take one as soon as I reached home, and the second one at night after dinner. It was at night that the discomfort set in. I practically yawned throughout the whole night, could not sleep a wink because the headache was, well, a headache, mild to intense, but bearable. The upper arm did hurt and I could not turn over to sleep on the left side, but it was not excruciating pain. And, hilariously, for some inexplicable reason, I suddenly felt hungry in the middle of the night!! I tried the tip given in some article I read just a few weeks ago, about counting backward from 1000 to get sleep, but somewhere below the 800-mark, I just got bored because I was still awake. Then started thinking of some concept for a contest for members, but that too petered out. It was at some time in the early hours when the birds started twittering that I did manage a few winks of sleep. When I got up eventually, I happily told myself, 'Thank goodness, it's morning'.

    The next day, I was quite weary, not having slept. I could not raise my vaccinated arm too much, there was slight swelling in the area, and I did feel the pain, but it was bearable, mind you, and could just be ignored. The headache had reduced vastly from the previous night, just faintly lingering, and I decided simply to rest, not work on anything. Felt slightly feverish in the afternoon, took a tablet, and was just fine within about half an hour. By night time the headache was totally gone and I slept like a log! Yesterday and today there is a general weariness and the arm just feels a bit stiff.

    So it's actually a lot of rubbish that the vaccine is unsafe and that there will be many days of fever, etc. Of course, if the fever does persist for long or you experience any kind of other issues, especially if you already have some health issues and are taking treatment for something, please contact your local Health Helpline no. or the national Helpline no. 1075 for further advisories.

    Did I experience dizziness, feel nausea, have an upset stomach, vomiting, body aches? No, none of this at all. Various people have experienced various levels of aches and feverishness, while others have not had a single problem whatsoever, even very elderly people, so you can't really generalize and assume that just because someone experienced a few symptoms, so will you. In any case, you will surely have experienced flu, headaches, aches & pains at some point in your life, so what's the big deal now? Just grin and bear it - take the jab!

    Look at it this way - Constant fear of the Virus and catching it with its subsequent major and possibly long-term side-effects vs Trust in the vaccine and its very bearable, mild side-effects. I chose the latter.

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    All in all, I am childishly excited that I did take the vaccine and feeling a bit like the comic's super-girl character, as though I have acquired some kind of super-power. Of course, no question of carelessness. Wearing the mask, hand-washing, and avoiding stepping out needlessly will continue to be my SOP.

    [Request the forum editors to please excuse the lengthy post; just wanted to get my message across loud and clear about not fearing the vaccine.]
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    Incidentally today I and my wife had the first dose of the vaccine. We took the vaccine in a private hospital. We both are normal so far and no complications. The doctor asked us to take one Dolo 650 in the night. He has not given any other medicine. My brother had a slight fever on the day he took the vaccine. My sister also had a slight fever on the day she took the vaccine. Other than that there are no problems at all.
    The second wave of the corona is in full swing. Many cases are getting reported. Mentally I am very unhappy. But after taking this vaccine I felt a lot of relief. Now mentally I am very happy. I advise all the eligible members of ISC not to hesitate for having the vaccine. They can have it without any doubt.
    But my advice to all the members is that even though you took the vaccine. don't neglect the precautions post and follow all the required precautions and be safe. There are some instances where some people tested positive even after taking the first dose of the vaccine. So follow the regulations without fail.

    always confident

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    On 01-04-2021, I took the second dose of Covishield. I did not feel any side effects after the first dose and the second dose also. One can go and get vaccinated without any hesitation.
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    I was having some sort of apprehension prior to taking the first dose of vaccine. The doctor inside the room advised me to take one tablet of Dolo 650 in case I feel discomfort or feeling feverish. However, nothing happened like that and so the dose as suggested by doctor was ignored. I waited for a couple of days to see if anything happens beyond my expectations. But nothing happened like that. However for the second dose of Covaxine is still to be decided which was earlier anticipated on 28 th day after the first vaccination.

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    Whenever a new drug or vaccine comes in the market then it is natural that people will have some apprehensions about it and many of us doubt that whether they were subjected to sufficient clinical testing or not. Moreover the present corona vaccine was made in a war footing and did not have time for a prolonged clinical testing but in spite of all those constraints the scientist and researchers have done a miraculous work to provide the medicine in time. Medical science is a very complex area and there is no mathematics or formulas here that everything will go as per that. Each and every individual has a different immune system inside one's body and they react differently to the same vaccine or drug. As regards the corona vaccine there are no adverse cases so far reported and whatever apprehensions are there are based on the fear only. The problem of blood clotting and heart ailment is already there in the world in a large scale and those case have no one to one correspondence with the present corona vaccine taken by the people. Sometimes there may be some fever and other inconveniences for a few days and that is the normal reaction of body towards the vaccine. So it will be wise to take the jab in time and once all the people would have taken the vaccine there is more chance of early containment of this pandemic wave 2 which is right now ongoing. That is the only hope and let us all try to get the vaccine as early as possible.
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    Good that the author has vaccinated and that is the good beginning to keep the virus away. What I feel that the vaccines provided at the government hospitals are more successful without a iota of any side effects. Though I had the registration done in the private hospitals they insisted for the doctor certificate that could not be obtained on the spot, so I decided to take the vaccine at the area hospital and the rush was less there and I got the 12th token for that day. The trained nurse has administered the vaccine and I felt no pain at the time nor after wards. I felt nothing and came home immediately driving my own scooter for 6 kms. Then I went to the office and worked normally and returned back home without any complaint. So I can [proudly say that Govt hospitals have done their good job to the satisfaction of all.
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    Good to know that the author has got the vaccine. She has shared her experience with us. Thanks for sharing. I have not taken it yet. In our area, only healthcare staff and government employees have got their vaccine.

    Congratulations !

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    I got my first dose of Covid 19 vaccination on 15 th March. I had posted a thread
    "I got the Covid 19 vaccine first dose-thanks to everyone who made it happen"
    This present thread by Vandana is more about the side effects the thread author expected, faced or not faced and the excitement of vaccination she had. It is ironical that she had opened a new long thread to express her experience and excitement while she was piqued at my opening a new thread instead of responding to her previous thread. Pause.

    My wife also got vaccinated a few days ago (precisely on 3rd April) after the above 45 age bracket people were allowed to get vaccinated. In fact she registered for the forenoon slot on April 1 st itself. But in the night of 31st March we got a message that the same is cancelled. So immediately we had to try for re-schedule and got the April 3rd schedule. We reached the centre by 9 am and she got vaccinated by 9.30 am.

    As I had my vaccination earlier, my wife was more confident and knew how to take it, with confidence. After vaccination during the observation time she was moving her vaccinated hand to avoid pain and swelling. We avoided spicy food that day but otherwise it was all normal as any other day. By God's grace she did not have any side effects and was back on her routine same day itself.
    As I am a person with a scientific bent of mid, I will suggest every one to get vaccinated as early as possible and follow the suggestions of the health care personnel at the vaccination centre and also the notifications put out by the government heath department.Please do not be carried away by some negative rumours in WhatsApp FB etc.

    I also suggest never to dilute the precautions which we are now habituated viz. Social distancing, Mask and sanitising hands .

    Please read my thread "T-D-S formula I learned decades ago useful now in Covid19 risk reduction"in this regard.

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    Many people got different type of symptoms after taking the vaccine covishield , actually if we do not trust on the rumours yet it is evident that the covishield of astrazeneca that we are preferring in India for our people has more side effects in comparison to Covaxin.

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    Shakeb Ahmad:
    The apprehension you have shown in your response is circulating in the media for quite some time but as per the information given by the doctors and other technical people in this matter, this thing is not clinically established and people are simply correlating it to the vaccine taken. It is yet to be established if something of that kind is there. Every drug or vaccine has some side effects and we are going through a development phase and may be after a few months we may get a better vaccine as we had seen in the case of many drugs which were once thought to be excellent are now totally withdrawn and out of use. So this is an area which is going through continuous development and thousands of scholars, researchers, and scientists are after this important pursuit to find out the best vaccine to save the mankind from this unprecedented threat.

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    It's good to know that the author has taken the vaccine. Others who have still not taken should be responsible and take the vaccine now as the condition of second wave is worse already.
    Many people are worried about the symptoms of the vaccine but they should remember that any vaccine will have after effects like fever, swelling in the place were vaccine is given. After effect means the vaccination is working fine.
    Also few people who have not taken the vaccine claim vaccination is not effective, it is just for name sake as people stil get covid. That way, no vaccine is 100% effective. Atleast with vaccination, the risk of getting infected or risk of serious infection can be prevented.
    So everyone should understand and take the vaccine. I hope vaccination starts for everyone soon.

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    Venkiteswaran - please see the date of my previous thread, due to which I raised a new thread.

    In cases where people have got Covid after taking the vaccine, we are not fully aware of the facts of their related health issues and hence cannot generalize. It has been repeatedly reiterated that neither of the vaccines is 100% effective but what it may do is lessen the severity of the illness if at all you do catch Covid.

    Also, the directive is that the more people take it, the better it is because this will break the chain of the infection. Covid-19 is endemic, that is, an outbreak that is spreading quicker than the blink of an eye, and it is a dangerous virus though not necessarily fatal in all cases. The vaccine is not a treatment, but an attempt to control the spread. Till actual treatment is available, we need to trust the vaccine to help counter the onset of the virus in our system and aid in stopping the spread. Let's do our bit and pitch in by taking the vaccine.

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    Many medicines that we take for specific health issue have side effects. Incidentally, neither we are aware of those side effects nor the doctors tell us about them unless the medicine has severe side effects. Now, if you study those medicines, prescribed by the doctor, on the internet you will get to know their side effects otherwise you will not even bother. COVID-19 has already created fear throughout the world and people are worried. The scientists worked hard day and night and finally, we have the vaccine. The pandemic which affected the whole world started to give rise to some questions to the minds of people when the vaccine is out in the market. The natural question will be its effectiveness and to some extent, there will be some talk about its side effects. I think since some side effects were highlighted through media which people started to exaggerate, it spread like rumours as is the case with fake news. The side effects of the vaccine are not at all serious and easily manageable as described in details by Vandana Ma'am in this thread. Many members have also shared their experiences here. The problem is the apprehension of the people. As I have said earlier, many medicines have side effects which we are not aware of and people are taking them because of some health issues, the same must be followed in the case of the vaccine. Do not focus on the side effects and think of its effectiveness. Register yourself and your family members and take the jab.

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