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    Why are people not able to understand reality as it exists and interpret it

    When there is a big danger to the unity of India as a whole, when there is a deliberate narrative by a particular political dispensation to divide people on the basis of religion, when there are deliberate attempts to undermine the judiciary, the police, the ED and the IT departments, and totally silence the press at all levels, it is but natural that there should be counter-force that is so powerful to attempt to make irrelevant, the discourse itself.

    Unfortunately, a disturbing trend is noticed in so many middle-class families. When someone who is young or young at heart, brings up a discussion on the wider issues concerning the narrative, immediately, the religious-minded and "I do not care" elements in such families immediately tell the particular person to "shut up" and talk something positive.

    This is absolute rubbish. No one has any quarrel about being religious. However, going to temples is not the only solution. Even God cannot save pathetic situations when the marginalized are suffering so much. The only option is to empower those who are suffering and give them maximum avenues for growth. Self-help groups of women, for example, is the perfect example of this. We need a terrible amount of debate as to how to find economic solutions first, based on current realities. When corruption is down, when we have a situation where things can change for the better, we should not shy away from discussing wider aspects of the reality and then take it on. This is an urgent priority.

    There is nothing negative in discussing realtiy as it exists and how to change it.
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    Most of the people are biased in their observations and judgements and only few can observe the things in a neutral and rational ways. This is the main reason why when one person tells something, however correct it is, we condemn it vehemently and with full force with our own logic. So, if we go in the genesis of these things then we will find that the biasing of the minds are related to the affiliations of the people to different groups from where their vested interests are met and problems mitigated. The follower and apparent believers will always talk in that line and will not allow others to go against it. This is a pathetic situation but is the fact. At the same time there are some lateral issues that if someone is going for the betterment of the country by resorting to certain laws related to population control or farming sector improvements or increasing defence facilities then people start shouting against that. If we shout against everything then the message the world gets is that some people are shouting without understanding the issues. That is also very pathetic and shameful if it is so. We have to examine each issue in its merit and then decide to oppose it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Every coin will have two sides. Some will see one side and start discussing that only. The other person may see the other side and start a discussion about that only. The whole problem comes here with this insufficient knowledge only. If they understand each other and discuss with an open mind the whole discussion will go in a proper way.
    Caste and religion are playing an important role in our Indian democracy. It is not a new issue that has come in politics. It is there from the beginning. Politicians always divide people by their caste or religion to get votes. I agree with the author that these caste and religious aspects should go from the system. No one should be able to get any benefits based on their caste or religion. Then automatically the things will fall in line. But which party will be ready to accept this.

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    I think constitutional establishments and agencies should not work under pressure as the author has evinced. Despite all these hearsays we have trust in all. These constitutional bodies as mentioned by the author and raised his question mark on their functioning. This issue requires solid evidenced instead of basing on speculations, hearsays and a mixture of truth and false inferred information.
    The author has written about downgrading political values and manners during elections that occurred in recent years and now happening in some states also. I strongly assert that good, noble and educated people should come into politics. We have to grow up as responsible citizens. We have to think about how to change the social and political environment for the betterment of the individual and people.
    We should not run after any particular political party. Most of the political parties play with our emotions, especially, during elections. I think we should assess the whole politicak scenario in the light of logic.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    When ever the elections happen the campaign is to target towards religion and region and that discussion takes ugly turn to rip communal passions. If a person faces the challenges in life he seeks the God intervention and that may be temple , mosque or the Church. When Hindus seeking divine interventions and that is taken as exception and the author feels that one should have self confidence and the God would not help the person to come out of the situation and at the same time he does not have the guts to say do not visit the mosque or the church to offer prayers during the trouble time. By visiting the temple the atmosphere create the positive vibes and the new thoughts and new ideas emanate from the mind and soul and that new idea would usher in new actions thereafter and that is God sent new way of life.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Reality dawns a bit slowly. Until then, one has to wait. We are now in such a state that, the elections are fought on the basis of other matters, leaving out what they have done to the public and what they are going to do if they are elected. This phase will continue for some time and will suubside.
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    The situation now is because til now people were not knowing 'the actual reality'. We were fed decorated lies and many things were being done with a grand cover of imported verbose and explanations.

    Now the people started knowing the hidden actual reality. So those who now know the reality and the soon possible dangers to the country as a whole have started exposing the till now lies and concoctions fed. They started to free the sections which were subdued and kept under duress by lies . This section who were controlling and dominating these sections and sectors now feel discomfort as they are soon going to be disappearing as people are rejecting them. So they and their handlers put forward fake alarms- and many gullible copy- one example is like the current thread.

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    The most unfortunate part within our democratic system is that our own thinking are not based upon the development of the entire population. We do have the narrow line of thinking in the different topics. In case of reservation there are some privileged sections not extending the reservation of SC/ST since it is being offered since a long time and unfortunately their standard could not be raised. Any explanation from their end may create turbulence. Women empowerment has been the matter for prolonged discussion but it has not seen any tangible results so far. There are disparities between a male executive and female executives in terms of emoluments and the management is silent on this part. Discussion must be there to pinpoint the realities. But that does not proceed amicably so as to frame rule in favour the female counterpart. We do talk considering the points which attract us ignoring the other parts thereby disrupting the healthy flow of discussion.

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