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    At least now, replace the Finance Minister

    When someone is not an intellectual and is also arrogant, he or she needs to be shown the door. The present Finance Minister, who is supposed to recharge the economy, is one such. She is an ordinary economist and does not seem to have any clues as to kickstart the economy. She has already neglected every single and superb advice of many Congress experts and economists who have even won noble prizes for the country.

    Her economic advisor is no better. He only blames everything on the previous Government when asked for answers. The best thing that the Prime Minister should do, is to scout for Indian talent from the Delhi School of Economics, or the London School of Economics. There was some talk about bringing in someone like H.V. Kamath, the former big boss of ICICI Bank. We do have so many intellectuals of the caliber of Mr. H.V. Kamath. Let Mr. Modi act at least now and sack this lady who has not proved herself.
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    Opposition parties and some journalists who are active on social media claim that all ministries are subject to PMO and Ministry of Finance also depend on PMO to take any decision. If it is true then a lady in charge of finance can't be blamed for the decline of the economy. This issue can't be neglected that mainly ministers come in front of the camera but real mind and workforce which draft, plan, offer presentation and work behind them is their team of bureaucrats.
    Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is still alive. When the whole world underwent economic crises, several countries collapsed, even in those difficult days former Indian prime minister upheld and sustained the indian economy. It was an unprecedented achievement for our country. But it was not the first time that our country never faced economic crises, when Chandrashekhar was prime minister of the country Indian gold was mortgaged. Nowadays our economy is in bad shape and how it can be improved government should take suggestions of other economists and financial experts also. This natter has nothing to do with politics and political supremacy rather It is a national issue about which everybody should be worried regardless of which political party he /she belongs to.

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    The author is always against the Finance Minister. But whatever decisions are taken by the government, they will be taken collectively by all the ministers and Prime Minister. I don't think the Finance minister alone will take all the decisions. Nothing will go without the acceptance of the Prime Minister. So instead of blaming only one minister, we should blame the government itself. But changing the government is not in our hands. We have to wait for the next elections. Even then we don't which party will come to power. So whether it is good or bad we have to go with the wind only.
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    The Finance Minister is very good and she could pull up the country from the eventual disaster when she pumped the finance into the system during the covid times and now the country reaping into profits. The GST collections were more than 124 lakh crores and speaks volume about the vibrant economy. Pre covid the collections were touching nearly one lakh and now it has increased more than 25 percent. Therefore the author need not feel that our FM is unfit and by the way the Finance secretaries are well informed about the happening across the globe and she was adivsed to take remedial actions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I do not understand why the author is hell bent to criticize the present government and the lady finance minister. The author is a narrow minded guy who doesn't have a broad vision around. Despite COVID, India is moving forward. Though slow, Indian economy would shoot forward. The FM is not an ordinary woman. She has a lot of experience as a politician.
    The author should give up posting such threads against the FM. Let us make ABS as FM for a day and see his activities as a Male FM.

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    And how come his threads get going and there seems to be partisan attitude in the editorial board as my threads in support of BJP would be deleted stating not in terms pf posting guidelines. Tony intervention please.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India is a large democratic country that keeps itself in the highest position in terms of the population too, so managing the economy of the country with such a large population is a big challenge in itself for anyone whether it is a man or woman. But I agree that it is important that a person who is hiring for this post should be enough qualified, and the government already understands it. But it is also not appropriate to question the work performance of a person due to some shortcomings. When a person accepts a challenge, then he/she faces many problems, which it is natural to miss several times. The ruling party can take the appropriate decision of whom to appoint for which post and who does not, because the general public at times cannot see the whole country from the perspective of the government.
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    It may be true that we should bring an expert economist for this post and we hope that he or she may bring some good changes in our country. If it is so then there are other departments also where political people are holding the position of Ministers. Should we change all of them by some experts from the scholar community in our country? Just changing the person will help or we have to strengthen the system which is working in the background, that is a point which we all have to ponder. It is also to be seen that if a particular person is incompetent then the authority should think to replace him by a better candidate.
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    Foe everything there can be two or more opinions. The author is at his liberty to feel that the current FM is inefficient. But thousands and thousand s may be seeing her as an efficient and balanced FM in the very exceptional, unprecedented difficult situations.
    The results and learned opinions now coming out clearly show that the stand and decisions taken by the Indian Government is better than that of many other countries. India is one of the very few nations going to post growth in economy immediately in the next year of the pandemic. Our economy and the diversity in our country cannot be compared with any other country. Still the country was steered out of the difficult times.
    The government very clearly focused on the life of the people first , as only if life is saved living can be there.
    So they gave food grains free to all ,made arrangements for some minimum cash needed to all who deserved.
    Interest waiver and EMI and other repayments were deferred.

    Now we can see that our economy is slowly returning to normal by and by. We have come out of the negative growth. There is projection that next year our growth will be good.
    Regarding the tone and vocabulary of our FM, she was party spokeswoman and still takes that role. So her language and tone will have a tinge of that too.

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